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Originally Posted by forza nascosta View Post
Missing AirAsia flight QZ8501 flight manifest shows there were 23 no shows for the flight.

The plane, an Airbus A320-200, disappeared midway into the flight of more than 2 hours from the city of Surabaya. No distress call was made..The plane in question was delivered to AirAsia in 2008, has flown 13,600 times, covering 23,000 hours, and underwent its last maintenance on 16 November..138 adults, 16 children and one infant (13+8 = 21 (777)..He said the captain had more than 20,500 (5+2=7) flight hours, almost 7,000 of them with AirAsia..The flight left Surabaya in eastern Java at 05:35 local time (22:35 GMT) and was due to arrive in Singapore at 08:30 (00:30 GMT)..The missing jet had requested a "deviation" from the flight path to avoid thick storm clouds, AirAsia said..This has been a difficult year for aviation in Asia: Malaysia's national carrier Malaysia Airlines has suffered 2 losses - flights MH370 (MH =21 (777 ) and MH17..Flight MH370 disappeared on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing in March with 239 passengers and crew.. The wreckage, thought to be in southern Indian Ocean, has still not been located.. MH17 was shot down over Ukraine in July, killing all 298 (29+8 =37) on board...Anxious relatives waiting for any news on their loves ones, a media frenzy, but no answers..

Surabaya is locally believed to derive its name from the words "sura" or "suro" (shark) and "baya" or "boyo" (crocodile), 2 creatures which, in a local myth, fought each other in order to gain the title of "the strongest and most powerful animal" in the area..Settled May 31, 1293..House of Sampoerna, a museum devoted to the history of clove cigarette (kretek) manufacturing in Indonesia, housed in Dutch colonial buildings dating to 1864..Grand Mosque of Surabaya or Al-Akbar Mosque, the largest mosque in East Java..Cheng Ho Mosque, a recently built mosque, the first in Indonesia with Chinese-style architecture..A Soviet-built submarine (named KRI Pasopati (410), first launched in 1952..Currently, the port has being dredged for 14 meters depth to serve 10,000 teus ships of 5th generation ships and predicted will be finished in mid-2015, while 16 meters depth with width 200 meters can serve 15,000 teus ships or 7th generation ships will be finished in mid-2016...A 16-kilometer highway will be built from the Suramadu Bridge to Madura International Seaport-City..Mawar Sharon Church: Surabaya is also the base of one of Asia's largest Megachurches..There is also a Jewish cemetery in the city..Surabaya has a multi-purpose stadium named Gelora Bung Tomo Stadium..On 23 July 2012, it was used as the venue of a friendly match between Persebaya 1927 against Queens Park Rangers..

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If you can find an alternative working link for the image, i will replace it in the post for you.
Ah Nevermind..Thanks anyway lobuk..Surabaya's zoo, opened in 1916, was the first in the world to have successfully bred orangutans in captivity..Surabaya is twinned with !.., I've heard you.. I want you to hear me.. I never want to see you again...You'll see me in heaven, Mr. Thorn.. There, we will share out our sentence...

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