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Lightbulb The Invisible Opera Company of Tibet

Schutzstaffel Expedition to Tibet ..May 1 – Batman, created by Bob Kane (and, unofficially, Bill Finger) makes his first appearance in a comic book- "3 Little Fishies" by Kay Kyser swam to #1-23 - Dmitri Shostakovitch appointed professor at conservatory of Leningrad- Hitler proclaims he wants to move into Poland - Submarine USS Squalus sinks off Portsmouth NH in the Gulf of Maine, drowning 26 men immediately.. The 33 remaining crew are rescued from a depth of 243 ft (74 m) by divers using newly developed heliox air systems to prevent the cognitive impairment usually associated with deep dives..The rescue divers are later awarded the Medal of Honor for their bravery- British parliament plans to make Palestine independent by 1949 = 23...
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According to the US Forces, the expedition's funding was provided by various public and private contributors, with the return flight to Germany paid for by the SS. The cost of equipping the expedition was RM 65,000, and the expedition itself cost another RM 65,000, excluding the flight back, which was financed by the SS..

Werberat der Deutschen Wirtschaft (Propaganda Council for German Economy) - RM 40.000

I.G. Farbenindustrie (through Filchner, Tibet explorer) - RM 35,000
Illustrierter and Voelkischer Beobachter - RM 40,000 (Eher Publishing House, later claimed sponsorship of the expedition.)

Reichsforschungsdienst (Reich Research Service) - RM 6,000
Deutsche Forschungsgesellschaft (German Research Society) - RM 10,000
Hecker, head of Ilseder Huette - RM 2,000

Phoenix Rubber Works, Harburg (plant owned by Schaefer's father) - RM 3,000-Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia - $1,000-
Varying amounts from several smaller firms and associations... H.. Please sign the divorce papers and send them to my lawyer.. Horst and I intend to be married as soon as the divorce is finalized.. As for your letter, yes, your son Rolf was born while you were climbing the mountain. He is now 2 years old and calls Horst papa.. When he is old enough I'll tell him his real father was lost in the Himalyeas.. It seems the kindest thing to say since you never wanted the child anyway.. Needless to say I have to intentions resolving our differences as you suggested.. They were resolved the moment you left Austria..Oh, by the way, I heard the Japanese have retreated all the way back to Shanghai...\JUly 27 - RiOTs in east London protesting at Irish immigrants providing cheap labour/OcTober 27 - JM known as the "translator" of the Ossian cycle of poems...
Schäfer recruited young, fit men who would be well suited for an arduous journey At age 24, Karl Wienert (an assistant of Wilhelm Filchner, a famous explorer) was the team’s geologist.. Also age 24, Edmund Geer was selected as the technical leader to organize the expedition..

June 23 – Talks are completed in Ankara between French Ambassador René Massigli and Turkish Foreign Minister Şükrü Saracoğlu, resolving the Hatay dispute in Turkey's favor. Turkey annexes Hatay - Bronko Nagurski beats Lou Thesz in Houston, to become wrestling champ - France turns over Sanjak of Alexandretta (Hatay) to Turkey- US Congress establishes US Coast Guard Reserve (renamed US Coast Guard Auxiliary 1941) as uniformed volunteer units supporting the Coast Guard/27- 1st night game at Cleveland Municipal Stadium (Indians 5, Tigers 0) - Headley scores a cricket century in each innings v England at Lord's..

July 23 – Mahatma Gandhi the spiritual leader from India writes a personal letter to Adolf Hitler addressing him "My friend", requesting to prevent any possible war\27 – The first recorded snowfall in Auckland, New Zealand since records began in 1853...

August 23 – Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact signed between Germany and the Soviet Union, a neutrality treaty that also agreed to division of spheres of influence (Finland, Estonia, Latvia, eastern Poland and Bessarabia (today Moldova), north-east province of Romania to the Soviet Union; Lithuania and western Poland to Germany)- John Cobb (Britain) drives 365.85 MPH (593.48 KPH) at Bonneville Flats-Eastern Europe divided between Hitler & Stalin/27 - Erich Warsitz makes first rocket/jet-propelled flight (in a Heinkel He-178) - Nazi Germany demands Danzig & Polish corridor - Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands receives German ambassador Grave Zech...

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