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Arrow War of the Waleses

SquidgyGate refers to the pre-1990 telephone conversations between Diana, Princess of Wales and a close friend, James Gilbey, and to the controversy surrounding how those conversations were recorded.. During the calls, Gilbey affectionately called Diana by the names "Squidgy" and "Squidge".. In the conversation, the Princess of Wales likens her situation to that of a character in the popular British soap opera EastEnders, and expresses concern that she might be pregnant..

Throughout 91 and into 92, Diana had been involved in secret co-operation with a previously little-known court correspondent called Andrew Morton..Published in The Sun on 23 August 92, "Squidgygate" (initially called "Dianagate") was the front-page revelation of the existence of a tape-recording of Diana, Princess of Wales talking to a close friend, who later turned out to be Gilbey, heir to the eponymous gin fortune.. Gilbey, who initially denied The Sun's charges, was a 33-year-old Lotus car-dealer who had been a friend of Diana's since childhood. Their conversation, which took place on New Year's Eve 89, was wide-ranging. A special phone line allowed thousands of callers to hear the contents of the 30-minute tape for themselves, at 36 pence per minute...

On 5 September 92, The Sun announced that the same call had also been recorded by another Oxfordshire eavesdropper, 25-year-old Jane Norgrove, who claimed she had recorded the call on New Year's Eve 89, but "didn't even listen to it.. I just put the tape in a drawer. I didn't play it until weeks later, and then I suddenly realised who was speaking on the tape"..Early in 92, if Diana herself is to be believed, several senior members of the Queen's household staff had met with Diana and told her of the existence of tape-recordings of her conversations at Kensington Palace..In 93, The Sunday Times published the findings of an analysis of the "Squidgygate" tape, commissioned from Corby-based surveillance specialists Audiotel International..Diana expressed worries about whether a recent meeting with Gilbey would be discovered. She also discussed a fear of becoming pregnant, and Gilbey referred to her as "Darling" 14 times, and as "Squidgy" (or "Squidge") 53 times...

Telecommunications company Cellnet admitted that it had automatically conducted its own internal investigation after publication of the "Squidgygate" transcript, because Gilbey had been speaking on a Cellnet phone..After the publication of the Squidgygate story, Cyril Reenan told a reporter from The Oxford Mail: "It has been the biggest mistake of my life..The Sun knew it could be about to lose a major scoop, and judged that the collapse of the Waleses' marriage was already common knowledge, and so published the "Squidgygate" transcripts on 24 August.. At this time, the original recordings by Reenan and Norgrove were still in a safe vault as property of Rupert Murdoch's News International corporation..It was just me, recording a telephone conversation in my bedroom.. Nothing more and nothing less than her efforts to dispel "all this nonsense about a conspiracy," simply raised new concerns when she claimed that she had wiped her tape after giving a copy to The Sun: "I want to make clear that the Enquirer's tape was nothing to do with me [...] I thought I'd better speak to the Sun again, in case people thought it was me."

" Additionally, in view of a fascination with clairvoyance that was later to become well-known, Diana was also heard explaining how she had startled the Bishop of Norwich by claiming to be "aware that people I have loved and [who] have died [...] are now in the spirit world, looking after me"..Speculation in the media—and in court circles—reached fever pitch..The Mail also issued a correction: the previous day, Reenan had claimed that he had been paid £1,000 by The Sun.. He now admitted it was £6,000, and he would be giving it to char ity dingle..High-level eavesdropping in British politics is not unprecedented..He had proved an early proponent of the "rogue spies" school of thought in January 93, when he used his Times column to accuse elements within the British security services of engineering the leaks.. "She wanted to find out not what they were saying, but what they were thinking,"..Home Secretary Kenneth Clarke told the House of Commons..fresh sawdust and disturbed planks..The Princess herself was distraught by the "Squidgygate" episode..The second "Squidgygate" tape disappeared from the media without trace, before it had even had a chance to appear, with no further information on its contents, origins, or on its sudden surfacing in private hands after a gap of some se7en years..Well, darling, you have just sort of abandoned me in this sort of wilderness of potential greatness and fabulousness, haven't you?... you little BITCH TROLL FROM HELL..Patsy hasn't eaten since 74..A crisp, darling.. A crispin..Mum,what is the problem?. I have my life and you have yours..I feel orphaned, you know...

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