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Originally Posted by synergetic67 View Post
What boggles the mind is how ANYONE could believe any part of the outrageously fabricated official fable of the holohoax when 19 countries (including now Vatican Italy and Putin's Russia) have made it ILLEGAL with large fines and prison sentences of up to five years (just for first offenses; Horst Mahler is serving a 12 year sentence), to publicly declare in print, on the internet or speech what THE PROSECUTION'S OWN EXPERT WITNESS, Raul Hilberg, the world's leading 'authority' on the holycost, already admitted himself, on the court records for all to see, in the Zundel trial of 1985: that NOT A SINGLE AUTOPSY exists proving even a single death of even a single concentration camp inmate by poison gas..
You know what I do not understand how come people are so obseSSed with hitler ? the guy and his regime were occult muppet's who brought untold suffering to millions including the german people..I wonder how many Arabs fought and died in world war 2..
Bloodlines connect with the key centres of London and Paris..2 energies interacting produce a 3rd,bloodlines are also obsessed with astrology and the esoteric arts,so when we change what is happening within us, we change our physical experience because one is a reflection of the other. It is this ‘magnetic’ attraction of like vibration to like vibration that leads to people living in streets of a certain name or having relationships with those of a certain name, etc., because everything has its own vibrational code, including sounds, numbers, words, colours and names.. In ritual magic the correct sounds, words, incantations, and colours, are all used to manifest a desired energy field or vibratory field.. Sound is especially important and this is why the Phoenicians were concerned more with the sound of their words than their spelling.. Mantras, the constant repeating of the same phrase or sound, are part of this same knowledge.. And, like all knowledge, they can be used for good or ill.. At the highest level of the black magicians who control the Brotherhood networks..,had long been planned according to their ancient ritual's...

and when certain people on here do not like reading or hearing other peoples views on the subject they start crying to mummy because they are to thick to understand WITH THEIR NARROW MINDED OUTLOOK and come out with the weak term spam etc etc GTFOH..Masons/Muslim Brotherhood tend to repeat that word spam a lot espeCIAlly when on the back foot..and then go on other forums repeating it thinking they are going to influence decisions or sumfink...

Hey its a bit diificult to carry out autopsys on charred remains ...

After the outbreak of World War II in 1939, Turkish president İsmet İnönü pursued a policy of neutrality, tried to avoid involvement in the war, and asked for military equipment deliveries from both sides.. On the other hand, Nazi Germany tried to draw Turkey away from Britain using diplomatic efforts... love you, Roberto.. Always remember.. I love you as I loved my father and mother, as I love our unborn children, as I love what I love most in the world, and I love you more.. Always remember...

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