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Arrow 1942

Jan 27 -Netherland's coldest day since 1850 -19°F (-27.4°C)...

February 27 – Battle of the Java Sea: An allied (ABDA) task force of 14 vessels under Dutch command, trying to stem a Japanese invasion of the Dutch East Indies, is defeated by a 19 vessel Japanese task force in the Java Sea; 2.300 sailors die, including the commander, admiral Karel Doorman; Japanese attain naval hegemony in East-Asia- J S Hey discovers radio emissions from Sun- 1st transport of French Jews to nazi-Germany...

March 27 - Allies raid German submarine base in St Nazaire - Japan forces Java to use "Tokyo time" 1½ hour forward- Joe Louis KOs Abe Simon in 6 to retain heavyweight boxing title (NYC)..

How Green was my Valley - Cwm Rhondda - Bread of Heaven - Welsh/Cymraeg . (eng-cym-subs)..

April 27 – The Jewish Star of David is required wearing for all Jews in the Netherlands and Belgium; Jews in other Nazi-controlled countries have already been wearing it..In boxing, Benny "the Ghetto Wizard" Leonard (who said he felt as though he was fighting for all Jews) fought with a Star of David embroidered on his trunks..World heavyweight boxing champion Max Baer fought with a Star of David on his trunks as well, notably, for the first time as he knocked out Nazi Germany hero Max Schmeling in 33; Hitler never permitted Schmeling to fight a Jew again – A national plebiscite is held in Canada on the issue of conscription - Tornado destroys Pryor Oklahoma killing 100, injuring 300..

May 27 – Operation Anthropoid: Czech paratroopers attempt to assassinate Reinhard Heydrich in Prague..Heydrich had been a key player in the rise of Adolf Hitler; as a Nazi potentate, he was given overall charge of the Final Solution and the Holocaust of the Jews in Europe. Despite the risks, the primary purpose of Anthropoid, from the Czech perspective, was to confer legitimacy on Edvard Beneš's government-in-exile in London- Italian army begin siege of French western Fort Bir Hachim... can lower your pistols, Lady Margaret..Unfortunately, I have no pistols..Your I's.. I've looked into pistol barrels that are warmer...

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