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Lightbulb Operation Ghost Stories

Rentaghost was a British children's television comedy show, broadcast by the BBC between 6 January 76 and 6 November 84.. The show's plot centred on the antics of a number of ghosts who worked for a firm called Rentaghost, which rented out the ghosts for various tasks..The company, located in South Ealing, is run by Fred Mumford, a recently deceased loser who feels he can find work for ghosts whose lives were as failed as his.. His first (and only) recruits are Timothy Claypole, a mischievous jester with a comical lack of knowledge about modern technology; and Hubert Davenport, a delicate Victorian-era gentleman who is morally shocked by the modern world.. The ghosts work from an office, which they rent from Harold Meaker, who discovers the truth about them in the 3rd episode...

Rentaghost: Series 6: Talisman..The primary storyline of Series 6 follows Iran seeking the ability to manufacture its own nuclear weapons and searching for sellers of nuclear armaments components...

Over the course of several series, other characters were added: Hazel the McWitch, a Scottish witch; Nadia Popov, a Dutch ghost who suffers from hay fever and teleports away when she sneezes; and the pantomime horse Dobbin, who first appears in a one-off Christmas special called "Rentasanta" and is brought to life by Claypole, who is unable to cancel the spell afterwards – thus allowing Dobbin to remain in the show for the rest of the run..Another key figure is a ghost from the Wild West called Catastrophe Kate (cf. Calamity Jane), played by Jana Shelden, who is collected from outside a magic carpet shop in the Spirit World by Fred Mumford.. The two ghosts are transported back to Earth on a flying broomstick, Catastrophe Kate having turned down the alternative of a flying vacuum cleaner.. It is Catastrophe Kate who later introduces Hazel the McWitch to the regulars..The long-suffering neighbours of Rentaghost are the Perkins, who appear from Series 4 onwards, and think the Meakers are mad..

Deadline reported in December 2010 that "Warner Bros had acquired the rights to RentaGhost and was going to develop it into a Beetlejuice-style afterlife feature comedy vehicle for Russell Brand as Fred Mumford.".. However, in October 11 it was reported that Ben Stiller had now been signed for the project. Night at the Museum writers Tom Lennon and Robert Ben Garant have been hired to write the script, which will reunite the two writers with Stiller..In an early series, the Perkins are given a magical amulet that grants all their wishes.. They do not realise this, however, and persist in expressing odd wishes, which the amulet then proceeds to grant..One of the more frequent running jokes in the last series was the cellar of the Meakers' house. The house's power was provided by a pantomime dragon called Bernie St. John ( pronounced "Sinjun", making the dragon's name an obvious play on words), who was brought to life by Claypole and served as a furnace.. If anyone entered the cellar, typically all characters present would shout, "Don't go into the cellar!" all at once, and a few moments later whoever who went in would return charred and covered in soot... ghosts win £500 on premium bonds and decide to use it to treat Harold as a gesture of appreciation..Catastrophe Kate drops in to find that Rentaghost is organising a char ity fete...

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