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Jonathan William Patrick Aitken (born 30 August 1942) is a former Conservative Member of Parliament in the United Kingdom for 24 years, and a former British government Cabinet minister..Aitken was born in Dublin, Ireland... His grandfather Lord Rugby was in 1939 the first British representative to the newly independent Irish state, at a time when Anglo-Irish relations were strained but improving.. Aitken's baptism took place on 16 October 42 at St Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin, an Anglican church, at which he was named "Jonathan William Patrick Aitken"- one of the Irish papers reported "British envoy's grandson is a real Paddy".. The Taoiseach, √Čamon de Valera, who knew his grandparents, asked to attend the christening and his presence at the baptism was symbolic of improving Anglo-Irish relations.. Also attending was Princess Juliana (later to become Queen Juliana of the Netherlands) as his GodMother...

Aitken contracted tuberculosis, and at 4 years of age was admitted to Cappagh Hospital, Dublin where he was an inpatient on a TB ward for more than three-and-a-half years, being cared for and educated by Catholic nuns. His father was severely injured as an RAF pilot when his Spitfire was shot down in World War II..Aitken recovered and was discharged from the hospital aged se7en.. He lived with his parents at Halesworth, Suffolk, and learnt to walk properly again within a few months...Aitken attended Eton College and read law at Christ Church, Oxford.. His career initially followed a similar path to the post-war career of his father, who became a journalist and then the Conservative Member of Parliament for Bury St Edmunds..He served as a war correspondent during the 60s in Vietnam and Biafra, and gained a reputation for risk-taking when he took LSD in 66 as an experiment for an article in The London Evening Standard and had a bad trip "..this drug needs police, the Home Office and a dictator to stamp it out"..In 93 Aitken published a favourable biography, Nixon: A Life, of former US President Richard Nixon.. Although his was not an authorised biography, Aitken was one of the few biographers from whom Nixon accepted questions and to whom he granted interviews...

Lawrence and Gen. Allenby at the Officer's Club..

He was elected as MP for Thanet East in the February 1974 General Elrection; from 1983 he sat for South Thanet. He managed to offend PM Margaret Thatcher by ending a relationship with her daughter, Carol Thatcher, and suggesting that Thatcher "probably thinks Sinai is the plural of Sinus" to an Egyptian newspaper.. He stayed on the backbenches throughout Thatcher's premiership and engaged in a number of activities, including participation in the re-launch of TV-AM, where he was involved in an incident in which broadcaster Anna Ford threw her wine at him to express her outrage at both his behaviour and the unwelcome consequent transformation of the TV station

Aitken wrote a highly confidential letter to Thatcher in early 80, dealing with allegations that the former Director-General of MI5, Sir Roger Hollis, had been a double agent also working for the Soviet Union..This information had come to Aitken from retired CIA spymaster James Angleton..Aitken became Minister of State for Defence Procurement under PM John Major in 92.. He was later accused of violating ministerial rules by allowing an Arab businessman to pay for his stay in the Paris Ritz, perjured himself and was jailed..Aitken had previously been a director of BMARC, an arms exporter, from 1988 to 1990.. In 1995 a Commons motion showed that while a Cabinet minister he had signed a controversial Public Interest Immunity Certificate (PIIC) in September 92 relating to the Matrix Churchill trial, and that the 'gagged' documents included ones relating to the supply of arms to Iraq by BMARC for a period when he was a director of the company

On 10 April 95, The Guardian carried a front-page report on Aitken's dealings with leading Saudis.. The story was the result of a long investigation carried out by journalists from the newspaper and from Granada TV's World in Action programme..He said that he would not become a vicar because he is not worthy of the office and "wouldn't like to give dog-collars a bad name"..During this time it emerged that when Aitken was being encouraged to resign, he was chairman of the secretive right wing think-tank Le Cercle, alleged by Alan Clark to be funded by the CIA... always sample a bottle of wine before I buy it.. Let's have a sip, see if you're worth taking along..The occasion seems a little lacking in enthusiasm, Henry...
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