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Manchester United have played their first ever fixture in mainland China in front of 80,000 enthusiastic fans in Shanghai and millions watching live on television...
On Sunday, 4 August 2002, Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, best friends both aged 10, had attended a barbecue at the Wells' family home in Soham.. At around 6:15 pm they went out to buy some sweets..After the girls were reported missing, the police released photographs – taken only hours before their disappearance – of them wearing Manchester United replica football shirts and a physical description of each of them, describing them as "white, about 4 ft 6 in tall and slim"...

Mark Lindsay Chapman (born 8 September 1954 in London, England) is an English film and television actor..His credits include: Max Headroom, Dallas (as Brett Lomax), Falcon Crest (as Charley St. James), Baywatch, Murder, She Wrote, Lois and Clark, JAG, Charmed, Roland Burke in The Young and the Restless, Dr. Anton Arcane (1990–1993) in Swamp Thing, and Nick Hopewell in The Langoliers..Chapman also portrayed Chief Officer Henry Tingle Wilde in the 1997 film Titanic..A Paramount internal memo dated from 1987 has revealed that Chapman was once considered for the part of Data in Star Trek: The Next Generation..

The similarity between his name and that of John Lennon's murderer (Mark David Chapman) prevented him in 1985 from playing Lennon in John and Yoko: A Love Story, a biographical film produced by NBC. The role went instead to Mark McGann. Chapman's real name surfaced when the story was published in Britain, and reporters began making inquiries about the actor, who was then working as a bricklayer with his father. He had changed his name when he joined Equity, because there was already a Mark Chapman in the union. However, he portrayed Lennon in Chapter 27, a film about Mark David Chapman, released in 2007 at the Sundance Film Festival.

M.Chapman English Olympian took second place in his first round heat with a time of 11.3 seconds-Andrew Mark "Chappers" Chapman (born 11 October 1973) is the presenter of Match of the Day 2 and also hosts 5 live Sport..Tapie decided to move production offshore to Asia. He also hired Madonna for promotion.. He sent, from Christchurch, New Zealand, a shoe sales representative to Germany and met Adolf Dassler's descendants (Amelia Randall Dassler and Bella Beck Dassler) and was sent back with a few items to promote the company there...

Manchester United are facing the embarrassing prospect of having to wear a Nike kit during next summer’s pre-season fixtures, despite agreeing a world record £750 million with Adidas from the start of the 2015-16 season..Adidas, who also supply playing kit to Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and World Cup winners Germany, will pay United £75 million-a-year over 10 years for the right to manufacturer the club’s kit..But with United’s current £23.5 million-a-year agreement with Nike not due to expire until July 31, 2015, the manufacturers expect the Premier League club to turn out in their branded kit until that date...

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Ken..Do meaning ....."Way of The Sword"...

Barbecue (also barbeque, BBQ and barbie queue) is a method and apparatus for char grilling food in the hot smoke of a wood fire, usually charcoal fueled..In the United States, to grill is to cook in this manner quickly, while barbecue is typically a much slower method utilizing less heat than grilling, attended to over an extended period of several hours.."Barbecue – a hog dressed whole"..

Triana - El Patio - 4 - Luminosa Mañana (1975)

Charcoal is a light black residue consisting of carbon, and any remaining ash, obtained by removing water and other volatile constituents from animal and vegetation substances..The Arthur Ransome children's series Swallows and Amazons, (particular the second book Swallowdale), features carefully drawn vignettes of the lives and the techniques of charcoal burners at the start of the 20th century, in the Lake District of the UK...The best charcoal comes from the pine tree but chestnut tree is also used.. The charcoal of Japan is classified into 3 kinds...
Barbie - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia me somewhere nice.. Not too expensive, just nice.. I'll tip her well if she doesn't talk..I could feel it in my bones,that I'd never see this hotel room again...

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