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Arrow Tiger Times

Željko Ražnatović (Жељко Ражнатовић, 17 April 1952 – 15 January 2000), known as Arkan (Аркан), was a Serbian career criminal and commander of a paramilitary force in the Yugoslav Wars, called the Serb Volunteer Guard.. He was on Interpol's most wanted list in the 1970s and 1980s for robberies and murders committed in a number of countries across Europe, and was later indicted by the UN for crimes against humanity for his role during the wars.. Arkan was up until his death the most powerful militia leader in the Balkans. He was assassinated in 2000, before his trial..born in Brežice in SFR Yugoslavia, a small border town in Slovenian Styria.. His father, Veljko Ražnatović, served as a decorated officer in the SFR Yugoslav Air Force, earning high rank for his notable World War II involvement on the Partisan side, and was stationed in Slovenian Styria at the time of Željko's birth. He spent part of his childhood in Zagreb (SR Croatia) and Pančevo (SR Serbia), before his father's job eventually took the family to the Yugoslav capital of Belgrade (SR Serbia), which Arkan considered his hometown..In 1972, at the age of 20, hoping to find fortune through a criminal career, he illegally emigrated to Western Europe.. Abroad, he got introduced to and kept contact with many well-known criminals from Yugoslavia such as Ljuba Zemunac, Ranko Rubežić, Đorđe "Giška" Božović, Goran Vuković, Rade "Ćenta" Ćaldović etc. all of whom, like him, were also occasionally contracted by the Yugoslav secret service.. He took the nickname "Arkan" from one of his forged passports...Arkansas ( AR-kən-saw) is a state located in the Southern region of the United States...

Serving a 7-year sentence at a prison in Amsterdam, he pulled off another escape on 8 May 1981 after someone slipped him a gun. Wasting no time, more robberies followed, this time in Germany, where after less than a month of freedom he was arrested in Frankfurt on 5 June 1981 following a jewellery store stickup..He had convictions or warrants in Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden (20 burglaries, 7 bank robberies, outside assistance to prison escape, attempted murder), Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy..Arkan returned to Belgrade in May 1983, continuing his criminal career by opening a number of illegal businesses.. In November 1983, six months after his return, a bank in Zagreb was robbed, with the robbers leaving a rose on the counter — This was allegedly Arkan's signature in West Europe.. Two federal policemen in civil clothes sought after him at his mother's house on the 27 March Street...

Only days after the Croatian elections in 1990, Arkan, who was the leader of the Delije (Red Star Belgrade's Ultras), was present at the away game against Croatian side Dinamo Zagreb at Stadion Maksimir on 13 May 1990, a match which ended in a riot..Arkan and the Delije, consisting of 1,500 people, were involved in a huge fight with the home team's football hooligans..Arkan's Tigers, a paramilitary force he created, set up their headquarters and training camp in a former military facility in Erdut.. His volunteer army saw action from mid-1991 to late 1995, initially in the Vukovar region of Croatia. Arkan's much feared irregular military forces consisted of a core of 200 men and perhaps totaled no more than 500 to 1,000.. His units were supplied and equipped by the reserves of the Serbian police force during the wars in Croatia and Bosnia. Arkan had many soldiers from Western Europe countries like Germany, Russia, Greece and Belgium, all of which are linked with criminal activities in Europe..After war broke out in the former Yugoslav republic of Croatia in the fall of 1991 and in the republic of Bosnia and Hercegovina in April 1992, Arkan and his units moved to different territories in these countries..Arkan personally led most of war actions, and rewarded his most efficient officers and soldiers with ranks, medals and eventually the products of the lootings. Several younger soldiers were rewarded for their actions in and around the former national park of Tito Kopacki Rit and Bijelo Brdo..Arkan came to serve as a popular icon for both Serbs and their enemies. For some Serbs he was a folk hero and a patriot, while serving as a target of hatred to their enemies.. Arkan also had friendly relations with Russian ultra-nationalist politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky..Arkan was a powerful man with high-level connections in the state apparatus.. He had significant influence over public spheres of Serbian society.. As part of his public image, Arkan presented himself as a defender of Serbs and fighter for freedom and justice.. He clearly fostered two types of images, that of a strong, stern, and often brutal leader in public as well as a caring and reserved family man in private..Arkan became an untouchable criminal figure in Belgrade and all of the former Yugoslavia. He was really so powerful, so strong financially that no one could do anything about him..In the postwar period after the Dayton agreement was signed, Arkan returned to his interests in sport and private business...

Arkan was assassinated, on Saturday, 15 January 2000, 17:05 GMT, in the lobby of Belgrade's elite InterContinental Hotel, a location where he was surrounded by other hotel guests.. The killer, Dobrosav Gavrić, was a 23-year-old police mobile brigade's junior member..Gavrić had ties to the underworld and was on sick leave at the time. He walked up alone towards his target from behind. Arkan was sitting and chatting with two of his friends and, according to BBC Radio, was filling out a betting slip.. Gavrić waited for a few minutes, calmly walked up behind the party, and rapidly fired a succession of bullets from his CZ-99 pistol.. Arkan was shot in his left eye and lapsed into a coma on the spot..The CZ 99 is primarily chambered in 9×19mm Parabellum with a 15-round magazine.. His bodyguard Zvonko Mateović put him into a car, and rushed him to a hospital, but he died on the way. According to an article on NPR, Milošević's own men may have killed him for knowing too much..According to his wife, Svetlana Ceca Ražnatović, Arkan died in her arms as they were driving to the hospital. Arkan's companions Milenko Mandić, a business manager, and Dragan Garić, a police inspector, were also shot to death by Gavrić.. Gavrić was shot and wounded immediately after by Arkan's bodyguard, Zvonko Mateović, and fell unconscious. A female bystander was seriously wounded in the shootout as well... After complicated surgery, Gavrić survived, but remained disabled and confined to a wheelchair as the result of a spinal wound..Arkan fathered nine children by 5 different women..Still, the murderer's background and the identities of the person(s) who ordered it remain unclear and subject of rife speculation...

On the morning of 26 April 1999, 37-year-old Dando left the Chiswick home of her fiancé, Alan Farthing. She returned alone, by car, to the house she owned in Fulham.. She had lived in the house, but by April 1999 was in the process of selling it and did not visit it frequently.. As Dando reached her front door at about 11:32, she was shot once in the head..Her body was discovered about 14 minutes later by neighbour Helen Doble..Police were called at 11:47.. Dando was taken to the nearby Charing Cross Hospital where she was declared dead on arrival at 13:03 BST..At Barry George's first trial his defence barrister, Michael Mansfield QC, quoted from a National Criminal Intelligence Service report which stated that the Serbian warlord leader Arkan had ordered her assassination in retaliation for the NATO bombing of the Radio Television of Serbia headquarters on 23 April 1999..Mansfield suggested that Dando's earlier presentation of an appeal for aid for Kosovar Albanian refugees may have attracted the attention of Bosnian-Serb hardliners.. Dando's picture was on the cover of the Radio Times (edition 24 to 30 April ) in the week of her killing..An opposition journalist was assassinated outside his home in Belgrade just a few days before Dando's murder and the method used in both cases was identical...Times are hard.. You can't even find a rich thug to dance with..The Pink Panthers have operated in London..Serbian gangsters killed rival, ate him for lunch in a stew and disposed of body using a MEAT GRINDER ... I'm late..Come on. Someone I want you to meet..This might be your lucky day..Most people cannot see it, but I have specialized.. Everywhere I look, I see red...

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