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Arrow Moody Warhawk

The 23d Fighter Group (23 FG) is a United States Air Force unit. It is assigned to the 23d Wing and stationed at Moody Air Force Base, Georgia..The 23d Fighter Group was established in World War II as the 23d Pursuit Group of the United States Army Air Forces (USAAF).. Redesignated the 23d Fighter Group before its activation, the group was formed in China on 4 July 1942, as a component of the China Air Task Force and received a small cadre of volunteer personnel from the simultaneously disbanded 1st American Volunteer Group (AVG) – the "Flying Tigers" of the Chinese Air Force...

To carry on the traditions and commemorate the history of the AVG, aircraft of the USAF 23d Fighter Group carry the same "Shark Teeth" nose art of the AVG's Curtiss P-40 Warhawks, along with the "FT" (Flying Tiger) tail code. The 23d Fighter Group's aircraft are the only United States Air Force aircraft currently authorized to carry this distinctive and historical aircraft marking..Currently based at Moody Air Force Base, Georgia, the group is assigned as one of 2 operations groups of the 23d Wing at Moody.. Both organizations serve as part of the Ninth Air Force and Air Combat Command.. The 23d Fighter Group's primary missions are forward air control, close air support, air interdiction and combat search and rescue operations..The 23d Fighter Group left the theater in December 1945 and was inactivated 5 January 1946, at Fort Lewis, Washington

In December 1992, Lockheed C-130 Herculess from the group's 2d Airlift Squadron deployed to Mombasa, Kenya, to participate in Operation Provide Relief. The aircraft and crews delivered tons of food and other relief supplies to small airstrips throughout Somalia. 23d Wing C-130s were also tasked to assist in other humanitarian relief efforts, to include Hurricane Andrew in Florida.. They also airdropped relief supplies into Bosnia and Herzegovina and flew relief missions into Sarajevo for more than 28 months..In September 1994, its C-130s participated in what was to be the largest combat personnel drop since World War II, Operation Uphold Democracy. They were to assist in dropping more than 3,000 paratroopers from the 82d Airborne Division onto Port au Prince Airport, Haiti.. The invasion force was recalled at the last minute after word that the Haitian president had resigned upon hearing that the aircraft were on their way..The first operational deployment of a composite wing happened in October 1994, when Iraqi troops began massing near the Kuwaiti Border.. Within 72 hours, 56 aircraft and 1,500 personnel deployed to the Persian Gulf region for Operation Vigilant Warrior..Both the 23 Wing and 23 Fighter Group are charged with carrying on the historic Flying Tiger's heritage..The group has two operational squadrons assigned: the 74th and the 75th Fighter Squadrons both flying A-10 Thunderbolt II attack aircraft...

23d Fighter Group A-10 Thunderbolt II attached to the 332nd Air Expeditionary Wing takes off from a forward-deployed location...

Chennault attended Louisiana State University between 1909 and 1910 and underwent ROTC training.. At the onset of World War I, he graduated from Officers' School at Fort Benjamin Harrison, and was transferred to the Aviation Division of the Army Signal Corps.. He learned to fly in the Army Air Service during World War I. Following the war he graduated from pursuit pilot training at Ellington Field, Texas, on April 23, 1922, and remained in the service after it became the Air Corps in 1926.. Chennault became the Chief of Pursuit Section at Air Corps Tactical School in the 1930s..Chennault arrived in China in June 1937.. He had a 3-month contract at a salary of $1,000 per month, charged with making a survey of the Chinese Air Force..Upon the outbreak of the Second Sino-Japanese War that August, Chennault became Chiang Kai-shek's chief air adviser, training Chinese Air Force pilots as well as sometimes flying scouting missions in an export Curtiss H-75 fighter.. His duties also included organizing the "International Squadron" of mercenary pilots..

Anna Chennault, born Chen Xiangmei (Chinese: 陳香梅), also known as Anna Chan Chennault or Anna Chen Chennault, is the widow of World War II leader Lieutenant General Claire Lee Chennault, commander of American air operations in China.. She was a prominent Asian-American politician of the Republican Party..Recorded in Nixon, A Life, by Jonathan Aitken, notes of Patrick Hillings, the former congressman accompanying the candidate's 1967 trip to Taipei, Nixon interjected just after an unexpected encounter with Mrs. Chennault "Get her away from me, Hillings, she's a chatterbox."..Records of FBI wiretaps show that Chennault phoned Bui Diem on November 2 with the message "hold on, we are gonna win.".. Before the elections President Johnson “suspected (…) Richard Nixon, of political sabotage that he called treason”..In part because Nixon won the presidency, no one was ever prosecuted for this violation of the Logan Act... friend of mine went on carousel.. Now she's gone.. Killed?. Why do you use that word?.Isn't that what you do? Kill?.I've never killed anyone in my life.. Sandman terminate runners...

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