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Arrow Flying Tigers

Lieutenant General Claire Lee Chennault (September 6, 1893 – July 27, 1958) was an American military aviator best known for his leadership of the American "Flying Tigers" and the Republic of China Air Force in World War II. Chennault was a fierce advocate of "pursuit" or fighter-interceptor aircraft during the 1930s when the U.S. Army Air Corps was focused primarily on high-altitude bombardment.. Chennault retired from the United States Army in 1937, and went to work as an aviation adviser and trainer in China..In 2004, the turnover of airfreight reached 7.18 billion ton-km, the passenger turnover was 178.2 billion person-km, and the volume of freight traffic 2.767 million tons..China plans to introduce ground-air communications and automatic dependent surveillance services for international and polar routes in the west. The current airspace structure will be reorganised, reducing the 27 centers to 5 by 2010...

The 1st American Volunteer Group (AVG) of the Chinese Air Force in 1941–1942, nicknamed the Flying Tigers, was composed of pilots from the United States Army Air Corps (USAAC), Navy (USN), and Marine Corps (USMC), recruited under presidential authority and commanded by Claire Lee Chennault.. The ground crew and headquarters staff were likewise mostly recruited from the U.S. military, along with some civilians..The group first saw combat on 20 December 1941, 12 days after Pearl Harbor (local time)..The 23rd FG went on to achieve similar combat success, while retaining the nose art on the left-over P-40s...

The Chinese Civil War was a civil war in China fought between forces loyal to the Kuomintang-led government of the Republic of China, and forces loyal to the Communist Party of China (CPC).. The war began in August 1927, with Chiang Kai-Shek's Northern Expedition, and essentially ended when major active battles ceased in 1950.. The conflict eventually resulted in two de facto states, the Republic of China (ROC) in Taiwan and the People's Republic of China (PRC) in mainland China, both claiming to be the legitimate government of China..Benjamin Valentino has estimated atrocities in the Chinese Civil War resulted in the death of between 1.8 million and 3.5 million people between 1927 and 1949.. Atrocities include deaths from forced conscription and massacres..To this day, no armistice or peace treaty has ever been signed, and there is debate about whether the Civil War has legally ended.. Cross-Strait relations have been hindered by military threats and political and economic pressure, particularly over Taiwan's political status, with both governments officially adhering to a "One-China policy..., chaps, as you know the target for this evening is exactly the same as yesterday's, and the day before yesterday's, and the day before that...

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