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Arrow Hiram G

The Hiram Key, a few observations by Trevor W. McKeown...

McKeown and MacKeown are Irish surnames originating both from the Gaelic Mac Eoghain ("Son of Eoghan") and Mac Eoin ("Son of Eoin"), which are pronounced identically. The surnames are associated with the Mac Eoin Bissett family..The history of the Bissett family in Ireland can be studied independently from that of the originally identical family in Scotland, because of their unique experience following their arrival in Ulster in the early or mid-13th century..Here, while still remaining involved in Scottish affairs, the Bissetts would establish themselves as the Lords of the Glens of Antrim and quickly become equally, then eventually more involved in the politics of the Irish province, becoming among the most Gaelicised of all the so-called Anglo-Norman families in Ireland..This family style or title eventually split..Bisset was born Winifred Jacqueline Fraser Bisset in Weybridge, Surrey, England, the daughter of Arlette Alexander, a lawyer turned housewife, and Max Fraser Bisset, a GP.. She was brought up in Tilehurst..

The Hiram Key is yet another example of "Von Daaniken’s syndrome" where wishful thinking and pre-determined conclusions replace facts in the presentation of opinion masquarading as theory. It is an entertaining read, and certainly presents some interesting ideas.. But its presentation of opinion as fact does both Freemasonry and the academic study of masonic history a disservice..It is speculated that the survival of the Seqenenre resurrection ritual conferred a divine right to rule on the line of David.. As an example of the writing style of this book, note that Genesis 49:6 is suggested, without proof, to refer to the death of Seqenenre and then in a later chapter they claim that it "is the only reference in the Bible to the killing of the Theban king, Seqenenre".. Such speculation presented as fact is rife throughout the text..Reverend Black Grape ...

The authors speculate that there were 2 Jesus Christs.. Yahoshua ben Joseph "king of the Jews" and his brother James or Yacob ben Joseph "Jesus Barabbas" also "son of God".. No proof for this theory is provided. They refer to this unproven theory as accepted fact in subsequent passages..They theorize that the Christian Trinity is based on the pillar paradigm: two earthly pillars — the son of God is the "tsedeq" pillar, the king of the Jews is the "mishpat" pillar with God the Father as the "shalom" keystone signifying perfect harmony between God and His subjects.. No proof for this theory is provided. They refer to this unproven theory as accepted fact in subsequent passages..In conclusion, their work is based on selective use of facts, assumptions built on hypothesis and research conducted to prove a previously formulated theory.. This makes for good reading, but not good history.. The authors have done no original source research.. They are not familiar with the ancient Greek, Aramaic, Latin, Egyptian, or Hebrew texts..

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The Masons have the 3 pillars, and we also have 3 channels within, Ida, Pingala, Shushumna..The black and white checkered floor of Masonic halls, nothing but HariHara, creation and destruction occurring in same space... game is tailored specifically to each participant..This... is...the bill..Do you want to split it?.Discovering the object of the game is the object of the game... if you suddenly learned that the people, the places, the moments most important to you were not gone, not dead, but worse, had never been...

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