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Lightbulb Yiwu & Yuan Saver

I bet they are getting paid peanuts..
Inside, dozens of women sit on a production line, feverishly cramming tiny packets of plasters into yellow and blue cartons.. Once full, the cartons are placed inside cardboard boxes marked "Made in China by people who care"..Zhejiang Hongyu Medical Commodity is one of thousands of firms in Yiwu churning out vast quantities of staggeringly cheap goods that can be bought from Los Angeles to Liverpool, often for £1 or less.."We have many customers in the UK," boasted Gong Chunjuan, the company's foreign exports manager.. "Poundland, Poundworld, 151 and other companies also." Within months, the plasters and first aid kits being produced here will be shipped to pound and dollar stores around the world, including Britain..Discount stores have proliferated on British high streets, as the recession drives a demand for rock-bottom prices.. While major high-street names have gone bust, the profits of budget retail outlets like Poundland have soared.. But without places such as Yiwu - a landlocked trade hub in China's eastern Zhejiang province - such success would be impossible..Until just a few decades ago, Yiwu was an unremarkable rural town, unknown even to most Chinese.. Now, it is an essential destination for foreign businesspeople who make make regular bargain-seeking pilgrimages to the city's International Trade Market..

There are key rings featuring images of the Virgin Mary and Manchester United midfielder Paul Scholes, and there are six-foot-long cuddly sharks..For 10 yuan - just over £1 - there are Russian and Spanish editions of Monopoly, as well as sex toys and fluorescent bath mats.. Boxing gloves in the national colours of Ethiopia..Union Jack furry dice go for the equivalent of 14p..In another corner - past tiny stalls hawking "Powder Cockroach killing bait" and "Mouse and Rat Glue" - shoppers can purchase 3-dimensional puzzles of global landmarks such Big Ben and "Tower Bridge".."Most of our clients are from the Middle East," the apologetic shop-owner said of the spelling mistakes...

Yiwu was founded in the Qin dynasty, around 222 BC.. Yiwu's long history flourished as early as the Neolithic Age. Yiwu first became a county in 222 BC and was renamed Yiwu County in the year 624 AD.. Trade has been historically important in Yiwu since the surrounding area has little arable soil. Even before 1600s, Yiwu men would carry sewing needles, threads, sugar chunks and other small commodities in their bamboo baskets, using a shoulder-pole, and travel to surrounding rural villages in exchange for chicken feathers..

Yiwu's early culture has given birth to a number of notable figures in literature, art, military, education and engineering. Among these were Chen Wangdao, China's first translator of the Communist Manifesto; Wu Han, historian and former deputy mayor of Beijing; Zhu Zhixi, the engineer who harnessed the Yellow River, Zhu Danxi, one of the 4 distinguished doctors of the Jin and Yuan Dynasties, and Zongze, a well-known general from the Song Dynasty who resisted aggression by the State of Jin, and Wang Lee Hom, a famous singer...

There have been a significant increase in Arab traders since 9/11, as Middle East businessmen found it difficult to travel to the United States due to visa restrictions.. The Arab presence has fostered the rise of many mosques and Middle Eastern restaurants.. By train it is less than 3 hours from Shanghai..Yiwu contains an Olympic quality stadium.. Many events associated with trade take place in Yiwu City.. Yiwu also has a sizable Chinese Muslim and Korean population, mostly working in the import and export businesses, as well as a very small Jewish population also in those businesses.. It also has a large Christian Church (come out come out wherever you pair).. Yiwu is also known as the "sock town" as annually it produces over 3 billion pairs of socks for Wal-Mart, Pringle and Disney..The Guyue Bridge, a stone arch bridge built in 1213, is one of the few existing bridges of that era..China Commodity City (CCC), the large wholesale market of Yiwu, was honored by the UN, the World Bank and Morgan Stanley amongst other world authorities in 2005 as the "largest small commodity wholesale market in the world"..The counterfeiting industry has been a problem in Yiwu due to the thriving market. As noted by Eamonn Fingleton, the author of In the Jaws of the Dragon: America's Fate in the Coming Era of Chinese Dominance in 2008, "As documented by the author Tim Phillips in 2005... [t]he city of Yiwu ... functions as a sort of 'Wall Street' for the counterfeiting industry, providing a vast marketplace where, Phillips states, 100,000 counterfeit products are openly traded and 2,000 metric tons of fakes change hands daily"...
I always wondered why the Chinese Government have a Pentagram on their flag..JUst like you see on many flags around the world...have you ever noticed that or wondered why !..

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