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Lightbulb Moonlight & Roses

Rupert Rigsby the miserly, seedy, and ludicrously self-regarding landlord of a run-down Victorian town house who rents out his shabby bedsits to a variety of tenants..Ruth Jones is an educated college administrator and lifelong spinster.. She is a romantic, but usually only gets male attention from Rigsby which, although sometimes enjoying it, she mostly finds an annoyance...

Rising Damp: Rigsby and Charlie the snake..

Alan Guy Moore is a likeable young medical student.. Rigsby treats him with mistrust, mainly because of Alan's permissive, left wing views. Alan has little luck with girlfriends, but is content with his life. Alan hails from a middle class family and appreciates music and arts...Brenda is a close friend of Alan's, who takes up residence in the boarding-house when Miss Jones is going away to get married to the eccentric Desmond.. She is implied to have been staying at Rigsby's for a while, because in the Series 3 episode 'All Together Again', it is Christmas, and she has been staying since JUly.. She has an O-level in divinity.. She is a nude artiste, and poses for the local art club...Philip Smith is a second generation African immigrant from Croydon, although for most of the series he claims to be the son of an African tribal King..

Rigsby is longtime separated from his wife and has since become a seedy, ignorant man who is suspicious of anyone different from himself.. Miss Jones is an unhappy spinster who is shown to be desperate for male attention (even willing, in effect, to pay for it).. Alan is socially inept and remains a virgin throughout much of the series, despite appearing to be in his mid 20s. Philip, by contrast, is a relatively learned and emotionally intelligent man, who responds to Rigsby's racist ignorance with a kind of ironic complicity, as expressed through lies reminiscing about his African life full of magic, violence and sexual promiscuity, often resulting in Rigsby making a fool of himself through his gullible willingness to believe these stories..

Rising damp is a condition caused by ground moisture rising up a masonry wall by capillary action.. It often occurs where there is no damp-proof course (DPC) or where the DPC has been damaged or bridged.. Older houses, such as depicted in the show, were built without damp-proof courses or with a barrier material that is liable to failure..In the temperate/wet British climate, water infiltration into a house can be a problem, particularly in houses without a cellar or crawl space beneath them...Eric Chappell (born 1933, Grantham, Lincolnshire) is an English comedy writer who wrote and co-wrote a number of the UK's biggest sitcom hits during the 1970s, '80s, and '90s.. His successes include ,Only When I Laugh, The Bounder, Duty Free, Singles, Haggard,Home to Roost and The Squirrels.. Mr Fletcher, the authoritarian boss who also saw himself as a 'ladies man' and Rex, an unassertive subordinate..No. of series 3-Running time 30 minutes..Eric wrote some lines into the intended first episode 'Fire and Brimstone' to explain Alan's absence.... I want you to know that you can trust me..Don't talk like that.. I can't let you anywhere near the case if you start talking crazy like that..
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