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The Kodak 35 was launched by the Eastman Kodak Company in 1938 as their first 35mm camera manufactured in the USA.. It was developed in Rochester, New York when it became apparent that the company could no longer rely on import from their Kodak AG factory in Germany during the troubled times prior to the Second World War.. The Eastman Kodak Company had greatly depended on Dr. August Nagel's capabilities as a camera designer and manufacturer by acquiring his factory and making him director of Kodak AG in Stuttgart.. The German factory was the single source of 35mm Kodak cameras, producing the quite successful Kojak Retina cameras to go with the new Kodak 135 daylight-loading film cassette starting in 1934...

The Beast of War 88 - Execution by Tank ...

The first Kodak 35 has no rangefinder.. It resembles slightly cameras like the German Wirgin Edinex and Adox Adrette.. It takes thirty-six 24×36 mm frames on 135 film..Prominently placed at the top are the large wind-on and rewind knobs, the right-hand one is the film advance knob, both to be operated in the clockwise direction.. Next to it is a manually reset automatic frame counter dial and the chromed wind-on release button, the latter not to be mistaken for the shutter release.. Most, if not all shutters alternatives have a No. 5 Cable Release socket with a tiny removable coin-slotted screw plug, while the later ones also have a Kodak type flash synchroniser contact post. A metal band inscribed "Made in U.S.A." was attached to the top of the shutter housing cover plate..The Kodak 35 came with a hard brown leather ever-ready case...The Kodak 35 serial number is engraved on the front ring on the lens..Many of us get trophies for our accomplishments.. For killers, taking souvenirs extends the fantasy into that realm.. My accomplishment may be solving a case.. I get a plaque or some kudos; their accomplishment is perpetrating a crime.. I get to put the plaque up on the wall of my den..It’s like in the Wild West, where they used to cut notches in a gun... The whole thing seems like it’s relived.. It’s fantasy, but it never ends.. It doesn’t even end when you incarcerate the killers..A Crow can speak a word.. But a crow is not a man and neither is a Russian..You're a good soldier Anton.. You can be counted on when they ask you to shoot your mother..When the Motherland asked for our lives, we GAVE..he saith unto his mother, Woman, behold thy son!.Then saith he to the disciple, Behold thy mother!. people don't take snapshots of the little things.. The used Band-Aid, the guy at the gas station, the wasp on the Jell-O..When people's houses are on fire, what's the first thing they save after their pets and loved ones are saved?..The shutter is clicked.. The flash goes off and they've stopped time, as if just for the blink of an eye...

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