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Lightbulb Full Moon

"The Gift" is the first single from the 1993 Full Moon, Dirty Hearts, by Australian rock band INXS.. The song was written by Jon Farriss and Michael Hutchence..

The lyric appears to touch on the subject of war and AIDS, with the author questioning the promises made while looking at an "empty sky".. The song ends with the strained and repeated verse:

"I was thinking, got the feeling,
The gift you gave is gonna last forever.
All the lies you find, all the truth you see,
Rise and fall, but I know what's mine"...

The music video for "The Gift" dramatises issues ranging from war and terrorism to famine and pollution with the band appearing to crash through the TV screen in anger.. The video was banned by MTV, formerly INXS's greatest ally, owing to its use of Holocaust and Gulf War footage...Released 23 October 93...

October 30 – Greysteel massacre: 3 members of the UDA a loyalist paramilitary group, attack a crowded bar in Greysteel, Northern Ireland, with firearms, killing 8 civilians and wounding 13.. The bar was targeted because it is in an Irish nationalist and Catholic area..The IRA's intended target was a meeting of UDA leaders, including brigadier Johnny Adair, which was to take place above the shop.. Unknown to the IRA, the meeting had been rescheduled.. Shortly after 2 IRA members, Thomas Begley and Sean Kelly, entered the shop dressed as deliverymen and carrying the time bomb under a tray, it exploded accidentally, killing Begley along with the 9 others inside the shop at the time.. This became known as the Shankill Road bombing..The Londonderry Sentinel newspaper revealed that the massacre had been carefully planned..Two cars would be used for the attack.. The gunmen would drive to the pub in an Opel Kadett with McNeill driving in front as a 'scout car'...

On the evening of 30 October, the 3 UDA members, 2 of whom were wearing blue boiler suits and balaclavas, entered the "Rising Sun Bar" in Greysteel.. There were about 70 people inside attending a Halloween party, and so the masked men were not noticed until they produced an AK-47 and a 9 mm pistol, and started shooting into the packed crowd in the lounge area. The leading gunman, Stephen Irwin (who was carrying the AK-47), yelled "trick or treat" as he opened fire..In 95, Irwin, Deeney and Knight were convicted along with two others for involvement in the attack.. Knight was also convicted for the Castlerock killings.. In 2000, they were released early—along with other paramilitary prisoners—under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement. After his release, Irwin joined the Neo-Nazi militant group Combat 18..Knight was also alleged to have had links to Combat 18..There have been claims in the media that Knight was a paid Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) and/or MI5 informer.. Knight denied the claims..

The pub is still open in Greysteel.. There is a memorial to the victims outside the building that says: May their sacrifice be our path to peace..The message behind the video is to show how as viewers, we have become accepting of, and increasingly apathetic to images of gross human suffering and violence"... pin..This is gold..2 more people.. He would have given me 2 for it, at least one.. One more person.. A person, Stern.. For this. This car..Goeth would have bought this car..Why did I keep the car?.10 people right there..Ten more people..All around its margins lies the guf...

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