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Originally Posted by masonma71 View Post
Twas feb 25th, lg. Best wishes
May I ask What day ?..

1970 May 1 – President Richard Nixon orders U.S. forces to cross into neutral Cambodia, threatening to widen the Vietnam War, sparking nationwide riots and leading to the Kent State shootings-Demonstrations against the trial of the New Haven Nine, Bobby Seale, and Ericka Huggins draw 12,000.. /2 - 1st woman jockey at Kentucky Derby (Diane Crump)- KOAI (now KNAZ) TV channel 2 in Flagstaff, AZ (NBC) 1st broadcast \3 -Trans-Arabian Pipeline delivery from Saudi Arabia to the Mediterranean interrupted in Syria, driving oil tanker rates to all time highs/4 – Kent State shootings: 4 students at Kent State University in Ohio are killed and 9 wounded by Ohio National Guardsmen, at a protest against the incursion into Cambodia-The guardsmen fired 67 rounds over a period of 13 seconds, killing 4 students and wounding nine others, one of whom suffered permanent paralysis- Premier Kosygin affirms existence Russian military advisors in Egypt\5 - US performs nuclear test at Nevada test Site/ 6-Arms Crisis in the Republic of Ireland: Charles Haughey and Neil Blaney are dismissed as members of the Irish Government, for accusations of their involvement in a plot to import arms for use by the Provisional IRA in Northern Ireland-Feyenoord wins the European Cup after a 2–1 win over Celtic- Yuchiro Miura of Japan skies down Mt Everest\7- "Long & Winding Road" becomes Beatles' last American release/8- Construction workers break up an anti-war rally in NYC's Wall Street- NBA championship: Knicks beat Lakers, 113-99\ 9 – In Washington, D.C., 100,000 people demonstrate against the Vietnam War/10 – The Boston Bruins win their first Stanley Cup since 1941 when Bobby Orr scores a goal 40 seconds into overtime for a 4-3 victory which completes a 4-game sweep of the St. Louis Blues\11 -Henry Marrow is killed in an alleged hate crime in Oxford, North Carolina-Lubbock tornado: An F5 tornado hits downtown Lubbock, Texas, the first to hit a downtown district of a major city since Topeka, Kansas in 1966; 28 are killed/12 – The 1976 Winter Olympics are awarded to Denver, Colorado but it is later rejected in 1972- Harry A Blackmun is confirmed as a justice on Supreme Court- Ernie Banks hits his 500th home run- Race riots in Augusta Georgia; 6 blacks killed (5 by cops)- US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site\14-Ulrike Meinhof helps Andreas Baader escape and create the Red Army Faction which exists until 1998-In the second day of violent demonstrations at Jackson State University in Jackson, Mississippi, state law enforcement officers fire into the demonstrators, killing 2 and injuring 12- NYC local newspaper "Our Town" begins publishing/15 - Elizabeth Hoisington & Anna Mae Mays named 1st female US generals- France performs nuclear test at Muruora Island - Mississippi Highway Patrol kills 2 at Jackson State College- South-Africa excluded from Olympic play\16- 96th Preakness: Eddie Belmonte aboard Personality wins in 1:56.2- Grover Henson Feels Forgotten by Bill Cosby hits #70... 15th Army is waiting ..Now, an army is a team - it lives, eats, sleeps, fights as a team.. This Individuality stuff is a bunch of Crap..Fixed fortifications are monuments to the stupidity of man.. If mountain ranges and Oceans can be Overcome, then Anything built by man can be Overcome...

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