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Question Proud City

One of Abercrombie's proposedinner ring roads, as shown in the 1945 Ministry of Information documentary film OCtopuss City..
The London Ringways were a series of 4 ring roads planned in the 1960s to circle London at various distances from the city centre.. They were part of a comprehensive scheme developed by the Greater London Council to alleviate traffic congestion on the city's road system by providing high speed motorway-standard roads within the capital linking a series of radial roads taking traffic into and out of the city. Following the campaign by Homes before Roads, the scheme was cancelled in 1973 at which point only 3 sections had been constructed..Ringway 1 - The London Motorway box, comprising the North, East, South and West Cross Routes..The Ringway plan had developed from early schemes prior to the Second World War through Sir Patrick Abercrombie's County of London Plan, 1943 and Greater London Plan, 1944...

By the start of the 1960s the number of pirate reincars and commercial vehiculls on the roads had increased considerably from the number before the war.. The narrow and largely unplanned roads in central London were straining to cope with the traffic load and it was time to address the issue of traffic congestion in the capital..A number of the radial routes that were planned to connect to the Ringway system were built much as planned: notably the M1 and M4..Other radial roads,such as the M3 or M23, were truncated in outer London far from their intended terminal junctions on Ringway 1.. Others were simply not built at all in a form recognisable from the Ringway proposal... Kane..Miss Meredith; how can I be of service?.I made some clothes for you as your others were so torn..I shall wear them with pride...

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