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Lightbulb Illuminatus

"The future was darkening, we were nearing the terrible catastrophe which was about to overwhelm France. The abyss was at our feet; yet averting our eyes, struck with a fatal blindness, we hurried from fête to fête, from pleasure to pleasure. It was a kind of frenzy which thrust us gaily on to our own destruction. Alas! how can a storm be controlled when one sees it not?

"Meanwhile, from time to time, some troubled or observant minds tried to snatch us from this fatal security. I have already said that the Comte de St.-Germain had tried to unseal the eyes of their Majesties, by making them perceive the approach of danger; but M. de Maurepas, not wishing the salvation of the country to come from anyone but himself, ousted the thaumaturgist, and he re-appeared no more."..The year in which these events were taking place was 1788, and these words were later recorded in the diary of Madame d'Adhémar, an intimate friend of Marie-Antoinette. M. de Maurepas was an adviser to the Queen, and was the one most accused by the Abbé Barruel of leading the French Revolution...

The reason I am making this reference to the Count of Saint-Germain is that I want to place him and Aleister Crowley within the same class of adepts who by their mere presence energise the elemental forces of war and chaos. It transpired that Saint-Germain's warnings to the French Royal Court were totally vindicated, but his timing and mysteriousness meant that the whole course of events could not be averted. It was too late to avert the inevitable. These adepts have virtually self-realised personalities. Crowley perceived his role of energising war when he wrote that the prophetic events contained in The Book of the Law could only be put into action by its publication. Thus, a series of violent and bloody conflicts came into effect after this powerful grimoire was published. This is the "word-sword" principle: words spoken or published which give effect to outcomes or consequences..Saint-Germain was a high level adept of the secret societies. He was believed to have died in 1784, but he faked his death, since both Masonic and Catholic sources place him at the Wilhelmsbad conference held on 15 February, 1785. This conference was held in an attempt to bring about a conciliation between the various sects of the Rosicrucians, the Necromantists, the Cabalists, the Illuminati and the Humanitarians. In attendance were such (il)luminaries as Cagliostro, St. Martin, Mesmer and Weishaupt..Saint-Germain was a member of the Paris Chapter of the Knights Templar. He was the Obermohr [supreme magus] of many mystic brotherhoods, where he was worshipped as a superior being. His memory was not forgotten, and by the end of the nineteenth century, hierophants of the secret schools looked upon Saint-Germain with profound gratitude. His influence had helped to open the way for humanism and republicanism (which in this author's opinion is a respectable name for organised crime), movements which "flowered" in the twentieth century.

Gnostic forces were progressing in the ascendancy during the nineteenth century, and into this milieu was Edward Alexander Crowley born; he later took the name Aleister. He was born on 12 October, 1875. According to Kenneth Grant, head of an OTO breakaway sect, the Typhonian Tradition, Crowley first became aware of the existence of spiritual powers in 1898 when he read The Cloud upon the Sanctuary by Karl von Eckartshausen. Crowley was 22 at the time and set out to contact the hidden Order which the book describes. His efforts led to his initiation into the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn on 18 November, 1898. He assumed the magical name Perdurabo (I shall endure)..In August, 1903, Crowley married Rose Kelly, his 'scarlet woman,' whom he had met in Paris. They proceeded on an extended honeymoon, and whilst in Sri Lanka, they went trekking through the jungle. Whilst standing on the shores of a lake, Crowley decided to shoot enough furry bats to make himself a waistcoat. One bat landed on Rose, and Crowley had some trouble detaching its claws. That night, Crowley was awakened by the noise of a squealing bat. He then saw Rose, completely naked, clinging with her arms and legs to the wooden frame that supported the mosquito net. As he pulled her down, she bit and spat and squealed, and she had to be shaken into wakefulness. Crowley noted that it was the finest case of obsession that he had ever had the "good fortune" to observe.

When Rose later discovered she was pregnant, they decided to return home to England. En-route they went to Cairo, where they took a flat. (Incidentally, Rose went on to have a daughter who was named Night my Athatour Hecate Sappho Jesabel Lilith, and who died in tragic circumstances. Rose died an alcoholic)..In Cairo, Crowley proceeded to dress in Persian garb, pretending to be an oriental prince, Chioi Khan (being Hebrew for the Beast). Crowley's mother, a strict Plymouth Brethren, had believed her son to be the beast ( number 666 ( of Revelation 13:18...In Cairo, Crowley attempted a series of invocations to summon up elementals or demons. Rose sank into a curious state of mind in which she kept repeating: "You have offended Horus." It was Rose who in fact introduced Crowley to the elemental, Aiwass. Through Rose, Aiwass told Crowley that he was to go into his workroom at precisely midday on 8, 9 and 10 April, 1904 and write down what he heard for the next hour. The message began: "Had! the manifestation of Nuit." And thus The Book of the Law came into existence. It is also known as "Liber AL vel Legis" (meaning 'divinely revealed Book of the Law') or Liber AL for short. Whilst The Book of the Law was received in 1904, it would not be published until 1913, just nine months before the 'Balkan War' (later to be called World War One)..According to Crowley, " 'The Law of Thelema' [ie, Liber AL], revealed in Cairo in 1904, has come to replace the outworn creeds, the local codes; to help the peoples of the world march on to a new era of peace and happiness." Thus Crowley becomes a medium and 'false prophet' within the context of James 4:5: "They are from the world; therefore they speak from the world's viewpoint; and the world listens to them."..Crowley preached the New Aeon of Horus, the "new era of peace and happiness," but the path to this "new era" would necessarily be bathed in blood. A moment's reflection on the course of the twentieth century confirms that the revolutionary and violent prophecies contained within The Book of the Law have been fulfilled, and there are other events yet to occur...

Forerunner to Crowley..Crowley did not just appear out-of-the-blue. The groundwork had been laid for millennia, for his creed is Gnosticism. Essentially, a Gnostic is one who seeks illumination, and sets out to become a divine being; basically, an alchemical transmutation of evil into good achieved through the exercise of one's own will. Christians believe that this transmutation can only occur through the grace of God as may be extended to an individual; no amount of self-will can achieve this transmutation of one's spirit..Gnostic leaders are spiritualist mediums who take counsel and direction from spirits or "Invisible Masters." The ideals of Gnostics are utopian, and the ends justify the means. Crowley was a Gnostic master, as was a forerunner of his, Adam Weishaupt. Many readers have more than likely 'completed' Conspiracy Theory 101, and are familiar with Herr Weishaupt. For those who may not know of him, some background follows..Weishaupt was born in Catholic-dominated southern Germany on 6 February, 1748. He was Jesuit-educated and attained a very influential university position. In accordance with the "needs of his period" (Kenneth Grant), he reawakened the Order of the Illuminati. Weishaupt's occult activities culminated in the French Revolution, and this spark ruptured the course of history..Shortly after the French Revolution, the Marquis de Luchet said, "This society [Illuminati] aims at governing the world. Its object is universal domination." He called the Illuminati "a subterranean fire smouldering eternally and breaking forth periodically in violent and devastating explosions."

Weishaupt wrote the following to a fellow Illuminatus: "We must consider how we can begin to work under another form. If only the aim is achieved, it does not matter under what cover it takes place, and cover is always necessary. For in concealment lies a great part of our strength. For this reason we must cover ourselves with the name of another society. The lodges that are under Freemasonry are in the meantime the most suitable cloak for our high purpose, because the world is already accustomed to expect nothing great from them which merits attention. As in the spiritual Orders of the Roman Church, religion was, alas! only a pretence, so must our Order also in a nobler way try to conceal itself behind a learned society or something of the kind.".On 26 December, 1993, no less an organ of the fourth estate, "The Economist" published the following under the heading, "The Good Network Guide": "Beyond all these networks lies the mother of all networks, the Order of the Illuminati, known to some as the True Rulers of the World. Its age will remain uncertain until the story of the last days of Atlantis is better known. Though this secret body has hovered unseen over all history, its most public flowering was in the Enlightenment. Adam Weishaupt, a former Jesuit ( who provided much of the inspiration for Shelley's Frankenstein ( revealed its purpose and system of mutual surveillance to the world on May 1st 1776. Since then the order has taken a keen interest in another newborn of that year. It is significant that many American presidents have been Illuminati; and the Illuminati symbol of the eye in the pyramid still graces the dollar bill...

"The conspiracy is immense and terrifying, stretching from Hassan-i-Sabbah, 11th-century Assassin, to Ian Fleming (who caricatured the order as "SPECTRE").. It is the network of those who run networks. Given its power, you should assume that anyone writing about the order must be either lying or part of a conspiracy to confound you. In wondering about the Illuminati, merely remember this. You have never arrived." (Note the motto of the Assassins: "Nothing is true. Everything is permitted").. Angelo Roncalli who was to become Pope John XXIII, and who convened Vatican 2, is reputed to have been a member of the Illuminati. The Illuminist eye in the pyramid was used on his papal cross. He is also reputed to have met with Crowley. It was Vatican which led to the Catholic church seizing the world-wide ecumenical agenda and which authorised the idolatrous elevation of Mary to goddess status..After the French Revolution, the Order of the Illuminati disappeared. In 1904, an Austrian Adept named Karl Kellner repeated Weishaupt's feat, and re-established the Illuminati through a sect known as Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO). Crowley took over leadership of OTO in 1922. The spirit guides of the Gnostics had clearly directed that the Illuminati once again step into the public realm but, in this instance, through OTO...
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