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Arrow Chopper Wood

Chopper Read Parody - Airport Security
March 27 – Russell Street Bombing: A car bomb explodes at Russell Street Police Headquarters in Russell Street, Melbourne, killing a police constable, the first Australian policewoman to be killed in the line of duty- Disney-MGM Studio Tour ground breaking\28 - X-Tremist Cikhs kill 13 hindu's in Ludhiana India - John N McMahon, ends term as deputy director of CIA/29 – The first high-speed catamaran ferry is introduced into service in the British Isles, HSC Our Lady Patricia on Sealink British Ferries' Portsmouth–Ryde passage- Beatle records officially go on sale in Russia\30 - "Tango Argentino" closes at Mark Hellinger Theater NYC...

Russell Street -Controll Room HQ..

The X-plosion was caused by a car bomb hidden in a stolen 1979 Holden Commodore.. The blast seriously injured 21-year-old Constable Angela Taylor, who died on 20 April, becoming the first Australian policewoman to be killed in the line of duty.. A further 22 people were injured.. The explosion caused massive amounts of damage to the police HQ and surrounding buildings, estimated at more than A$1 million..The Age newspaper reported that the blast had such an impact because of the open-floor design of the offices acted like a claymore mine, sending more shrapnel as the blast ripped through the floors, seemingly adding more pressure to the blast as it followed its path.. The station has closed down and been converted into apartments..On 7 October 1985, gelignite and detonators were stolen from the Tryconnel Mine at Blackwood.. On 25 March 1986, a Holden Commodore was stolen. Both crimes were later found to provide equipment needed for the construction of the bomb..On 25 April 1986, 10 Victoria Police officers raided the Kallista home of Peter Michael Reed at 5.45 am.. Reed produced a .455 Smith and Wesson revolver and fired at police, seriously injuring Detective Sergeant Wylie..Reed later stated at his trial in unsworn evidence that.."the police started the shooting and I only used his firearm in self defence"..a block of wood from which a wooden part of the bomb had been sawn was found at Craig Minogue's premises..I should bee so lucky !..Phoenix (TV series) - a 13-part OZ po lice drama TV the drug of the nation series loosely based on the Russell Street bombing..The crown did not allege that any person played any particular role..The apartment complex is now known as "Concept Blue"..

31 -A fire causes extensive damage at Hampton Court Palace in Surrey, England -The palace is 11.7 miles (18.8 kilometres) south west of Charing Cross and upstream of central London on the River Thames..It had previously been a property of the Order of St John of Jerusalem.. Over the following 7 years, Wolsey spent lavishly (200,000 gold crowns) to build the finest palace in England at Hampton Court-Mexicana Flight 940 crashes near Maravatío, Mexico, killing 167-Maravatío is a Municipality in the Mexican state of Michoacán, representing 1.17% of its land area, or 691.55 km2... Maravatío comes from the P'urhépecha word Marhabatio, meaning a precious place or thing base for visiting Monarch butterfly sanctuaries, and there are many hot springs near the city suitable for bathing..All 167 passengers and crew were killed upon impact. Eyewitnesses reported details of the crash to authorities. After the crash, some townspeople stole items that belonged to the victims..The crash remains the deadliest airline disaster in Mexican history and is the world's worst air disaster involving the Boeing 727...Greater London Council is abolished, as are the metropolitan county councils of West Midlands, Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Tyne and Wear, West Yorkshire and South Yorkshire-The Haig Pit, Whitehaven, Cumbria closes... got a light, buddy?.Yeah, sure kid..And your wallet!.Mick, give him your wallet & your job..What for?.. He's got a knife..That's not a knife..THAT's a knife..Shit!..JUst kids having fun..That's incredible..Imagine se7en million people all wanting to live together..Yeah, New York must be the fiendliest place on earth...

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