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Lightbulb Whirling Dervishes

Ahmet Ertegün (July 31 [O.S. 18 July] 1923 – December 14, 2006) was a Turkish-American businessman, songwriter and philanthropist. He was best known as the founder and president of Atlantic Records, and for discovering and championing many leading rhythm and blues and rock musicians.. He also wrote classic blues and pop songs, and served as Chairman of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and museum. Ertegün has been described as "one of the most significant figures in the modern recording industry."He was also a significant figure in fostering ties between the U.S. and Turkey, his birthplace, and served as the chairman of The American Turkish Society for over 20 years until his death.. He also co-founded the New York Cosmos soccer team of the original North American Soccer League..Born in Istanbul to an aristocratic Turkish family, Ahmet and his family, including elder brother Nesuhi, moved to Washington, D.C. in 1935, with their father, Münir Ertegün, who served as the second Ambassador (after Ahmet Muhtar Bey, his predecessor between 1927 and 1934) of the then-young Republic of Turkey to the United States of America.. Prior to his appointment as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Turkey to Washington, Münir Ertegün was Ambassador of the Republic to London for two years, during 1932-1934...

Ahmet graduated from St. John's College in Annapolis in 1944. In November of the same year, Münir Ertegün died, and in 1946 President Truman ordered the battleship USS Missouri to return his body to Turkey as a demonstration of friendship between US and Turkey.. This act also served as a show of support to counter the Soviet Union's potential political demands on Turkey..Many independent record executives, like the Ertegüns, were from immigrant backgrounds, including the Bihari brothers and the Chess brothers..Ahmet himself wrote a number of classic blues songs, including "Chains of Love" and "Sweet 16", under the pseudonym A. Nugetre (Ertegun backwards)..On 6 January 1953, Ertegün married Jan Holm (née Enstam), a Swedish-American actress, fashion model, and set designer, who was the daughter of Carl Enstam and the former wife of Walter Rathbun..In the 1960s, Atlantic, often in partnerships with local labels like Stax Records in Memphis, helped to develop the growth of soul music, with artists such as Ben E. King, Solomon Burke etc ..Ahmet initially had no desire to sell Atlantic, but his partner Jerry Wexler was nervous about the label's future and after convincing Nesuhi of his position, Ahmet eventually conceded and they sold Atlantic to Warner Bros.-Se7en Arts in 1967 for $17 million in stock, although Wexler later admitted that, because of assets like the rights to the hit movie and record Woodstock, the deal paid them less than half of what the label was actually worth..In 1987, Ahmet was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, of which he himself was a founder..Ahmet approved the recording and release of Music of the Whirling Dervishes..

At the age of 83 on October 29, 2006, Ahmet Ertegün attended a Rolling Stones benefit concert at the Beacon Theatre for the Clinton Foundation, which was attended by former US President, Bill Clinton.. Prior to the show Ahmet was backstage in a VIP social area that was known on the Rolling Stones' A Bigger Bang Tour as the "Rattlesnake Inn" when he tripped and fell, striking his head on the concrete floor.. He was immediately rushed to the hospital after the fall (the Rolling Stones' performance that evening was captured by Martin Scorsese in the documentary film entitled Shine a Light).. Although Ahmet was initially in stable condition, he soon took a turn for the worse. This announcement was made by Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, during the band’s induction into the UK Music Hall of Fame.. Ertegün slipped into a coma and died weeks later on December 14, 2006, with his family by his side, at New York-Presbyterian Hospital-Weill Cornell Medical Center.. In the Genesis documentary Come Rain or Shine, Ertegün is seen a couple days prior to his accident visiting the band (longtime Atlantic label artists) in New York in October 2006..Ahmet Ertegün was buried December 18 in the Garden of Sufi Tekke, Özbekler Tekkesi in Sultantepe, Üsküdar, İstanbul, next to his brother, his father, and his Sheikh great-grandfather Şeyh İbrahim Edhem Efendi, who was once the head of the tekke in his native Turkey.. At the garden were hundreds of mourners, including his wife Mica, members of the Ertegün family, Turkish dignitaries, and various entertainers..Led Zeppelin reunited for a one-off show in a tribute to Ahmet Ertegun at the O2 Arena in London on December 10, 2007..

10 Storey Love Song ..arcadiaroses..

6 Deck-F Deck, the Middle Deck, was the last complete deck and mainly accommodated 2nd and 3rd Class passengers and several departments of the crew.. The Third Class dining saloon was located here, as were the swimming pool and Turkish bath-The area of the Turkish bath on F deck were extensively modified.. On the starboard side, the cooling room (in red) and shampoo room's (in blue) location and size were changed, and one of the electric bath rooms (green) was moved from its location on the Olympic (off to one side of the foundation of the forward 1st class grand staircase) to the starboard side, flush against the hull.. The other electric bathroom seems to have been dispensed with..Rock Hudson is a very nice man, Mother, but I'm not in love with him..Whoa, sorry. But I was right about the war picture.. Get your speech ready 'cause as soon as this tour is over, you're going to the Oscars, pal... are like moonbeams, we do with them what we will..I want to send 18 yellow roses every day to Mary....Hey, tell me something.. Who's this guy Yom Kippur they got booked on Friday?..

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