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Lightbulb Ritual

Originally Posted by deeds View Post
Thank you Lightgiver... I do not believe that Ann is dead . Its disturbing how they have buried her case along with an old sick dead guy, but not surprising at all. I know who is involved , what I don't know is who to tell. I shall carry on with my madness..
You are welcome.. do carry on, any more information you have on missing children etc etc is also welcome..


After a series of images of rushing water, forest, and dark, empty subterranean hallways, six-year-old Iris arrives in a coffin placed in the dormitory's common area, where she is met with curiosity by the OTher 5 girls of the house..As the year changes, the focus shifts to Alice, the 4th-year blue ribbon, who is hungry to leave the school and see the world outside...

Originally Posted by super glue View Post
This is not the only school.

There is one for boys too, both are now closed, I have letters from both sexes of their time at both.

The hidden.
Away from prying eyes, there's a school that teaches young girls how to please their elite masters...
You either give me what I need or this switch will stay on until they turn the power off for lack of payment on the bill...Okay. Their previous MO was to offer women from the emerging East-European countries like Yugoslavia, Romania, Bulgaria jobs in the west as maids and nannies.. Once they smuggled them in, they'd addict them to drugs and turn them into prostitutes.. Lately, however, they've decided that it's more economical just to kidnap traveling young women..Saves on transportation costs..Also known as Luz de Lagos or Vila da Luz (a contraction of its former official name, Vila da Nossa Senhora da Luz), "Praia da Luz" (which means Beach of the Light) is used to refer to both the urbanized village and the beach..Dubai is the name of a yacht, previously named Platinum, Panhandle and Golden Star.. is known about the so-called "Tapas 7", the people who were key witnesses in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann?..777 is one of the most prominent books of the Qabalah..

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