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Lightbulb HoriZon on the Landscape

Horizon Nuclear Power is a British energy company that is expected to build new nuclear power stations in the United Kingdom. It was established in 2009, with its head office in Gloucester, and is now owned by Hitachi..In March 2012 E.ON and RWE npower placed Horizon up for sale as a going concern.. One bidder was a joint venture of China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group and the China National Nuclear Corporation..However on 29 October 2012 it was announced that Hitachi would buy Horizon for £696 million,and the sale was completed on 26 November 2012..Horizon plans initial site work at Wylfa to begin in 2015, with building work starting in 2018 and generation starting in the mid-2020s..

Hitachi is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the Nikkei 225 and TOPIX indices.. It is ranked 38th in the 2012 Fortune Global 500 and 129th in the 2012 Forbes Global 2000..Hitachi was founded in 1910 by electrical engineer Namihei Odaira in Ibaraki Prefecture.. The company's first product was Japan's first 5-horsepower electric induction motor, initially developed for use in copper mining..The company began as an in-house venture of Fusanosuke Kuhara's mining company in Hitachi, Ibaraki.. Odaira moved headquarters to Tokyo in 1918. Long before that, he coined the company’s toponymic name by superimposing two kanji characters: hi meaning “sun” and tachi meaning “rise”..Hitachi entered talks with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in August 2011 about a potential merger of the 2 companies, in what would have been the largest merger between 2 Japanese companies in history.. The talks subsequently broke down and were suspended..In October 2012, Hitachi agreed to acquire the United Kingdom-based nuclear energy company Horizon Nuclear Power, which plans to construct up to 6 nuclear power plants in the UK, from E.ON and RWE for £700 million..In November 2012, Hitachi and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries agreed to merge their thermal power generation businesses into a joint venture to be owned 65% by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and 35% by Hitachi..The joint venture begun operations in February 2014..Hitachi Consulting is an international management and technology consulting firm with headquarters in Dallas, Texas.. It was founded in 2000 and currently employs approximately 5,000 people across the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, India, Spain, Portugal, Germany and China...

Why do TPTB always put Nuclear power stations in places of natural beauty near the sea..The Irish Sea has been described by Greenpeace as the most radioactively contaminated sea in the world with some "8 million litres of nuclear waste" discharged into it each day from Sellafield reprocessing plants, contaminating seawater, sediments and marine life..radioactive waste has been discharged into the Irish Sea as part of operations at Sellafield since 1952..JUst Imagine all that money being spent making Homes Warmer with green technologies..why are we not using wave power on the coasts..what about installing solar panels on every home in the UK and Ireland etc etc ..why are we not building more wind turbines in the windy UK along the coasts..what kind of plonkers do we have in charge altogether...

The Wylfa Nuclear Power Station is situated just west of Cemaes Bay on the island of Anglesey, North Wales. Its location on the coast provides a cooling source for its operation..Wylfa houses two 490 MW Magnox nuclear reactors, "Reactor 1" and "Reactor 2", which were built from 1963 and became operational in 1971..Reactor 2 was retired in 2012; Reactor 1 will operate until December 2015..The construction of the power station, which was undertaken by British Nuclear Design & Construction (BNDC), a consortium backed by English Electric, Babcock & Wilcox Ltd and Taylor Woodrow Construction, began in 1963. The reactors were supplied by The Nuclear Power Group (TNPG) and the turbines by English Electric..

"Reactor 1" and "Reactor 2", which were built from 1963 and became operational in 1971.. Wylfa typically supplied 23 GW h of electricity daily when they were both in service. These were the largest and last Magnox-type reactors to be built in the UK.. Wylfa was the second British nuclear power station, following Oldbury, to have a pre-stressed concrete pressure vessel instead of steel for easier construction and enhanced safety..On 20 July 2006 the NDA announced that the station would be shut down in 2010 because operation beyond then would be uneconomic given plans to shut down the Magnox spent fuel reprocessing plant at Sellafield.. However, in 2010 the NDA announced an extension to 2012, beyond Wylfa's 40th anniversary as a generating power station in January 2011..Horizon Nuclear Power, originally an E.ON and RWE joint venture, bought by Hitachi in 2012, announced in 2009 intentions to install about 3,000 MWe of new nuclear plant at Wylfa.. Horizon is planning to build an Advanced Boiling Water Reactor ABWR at a site to the south of the existing Wylfa station... 1.24 am on 26 April 86 Chernobyl’s Unit 4 reactor exploded after staff disabled safety systems and performed an ill-advised experiment to check – ironically enough – the reactor’s safety..That's why I started buying lamb.. Then along came Chernobyl.. Now you can't even have lamb stew or you'll light up at night!. I swear.. And when they've left you with nothing safe to eat, next thing they come along and tell you you can't live in your own house...

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