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Arrow Small Town Pawns

Originally Posted by super glue View Post
This is correct, my papers and I have a lot of them says the same, pawns are worth far less than a queen, in the game they cannot trap such figures and win, if you play using their rules...
Who Goes to a School Like this ...
Originally Posted by rapunzel View Post
What makes you think that the middle class originated during the Industrial era? They have existed for a lot longer than that, i.e the Middle Ages...
Originally Posted by porridge View Post

Those masons further down the ladder must have a sense of superiority/power in their little scruffy towns they manage..the bigwigs must give them little scraps and morsel titbits every now and then...maybe free membership at the local golf club,maybe a couple of free holidays in the sun every now and then grovel grovel lick lick etc etc ...

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