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Arrow Between Silk and Cyanide

INXS-Suicide Blonde...
The Story of S.O.E.’s Code War..

London : Harper Collins Publishers, 1998. ISBN: 0-00-255944-7

Not noted in the index, Freemasonry has two brief references.. On page 1:My father was scarcely larger than the suitcases he insisted on carrying, was an antiquarian bookseller whose reading was confined to the spines of books and the contents of the "Freemason’s Chronicle"..

On page 2:..

I resolved to make one last try and suddenly remembered that I had a godfather named Major Jack Dermot O'Reilly who worked in the Special Branch at Scotland Yard.. I also remembered that Major Jack (like father) was a Freemason, a branch of the Spiritual Secret Service for which I was still too young.

... However he must have put his 'brother' before his country ..Pages 614...

The title is derived from an incident related in the book, when Marks was asked why agents in occupied Europe should have their cryptographic material printed on silk (which was in very short supply).. He summed his reply up by saying that it was "between silk and cyanide", meaning that it was a choice between the agent's surviving by making reliable coded radio transmissions with the help of the printed silk, and having to take a suicide pill.. Unlike paper, which would be given away by rustling, silk would not be detected by a casual search if it was concealed in the lining of clothing..., West, just points of the compass, each as stupid as the OTher..World domination.. The same old dream.. Our asylums are full of people who think they're Naploeon.. Or G...

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