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Angus Flint , a Scottish archaeology student excavating the site of a convent at the Derbyshire bed and breakfast run by the Trent sisters, Mary and Eve , unearths an unusual skull which appears to be that of a large snake.. He tries to find the local legend of the d'Ampton "worm", a mythical snake slain in Stonerich Cavern by John d'Ampton, the ancestor of current Lord of the Manor, James d'Ampton ..The movie was made as part of a 4-picture deal Russell and producer Dan Ireland had with Vestron Pictures...Running time 93 min..Release dates 14 September 1988...

September 12 – Hurricane Gilbert devastates Jamaica; it turns towards Mexico's Yucat√°n Peninsula 2 days later, causing an estimated $5 billion in damage/22 – The Ocean Odyssey drilling rig suffers a blowout and fire in the North Sea..In her current form, Odyssey is 436 feet (133 m) long and about 220 feet (67 m) wide, with an empty draft displacement of 30,000 short tons (27,000 t), and a submerged draft displacement of 50,600 short tons (45,900 t).. The vessel has accommodations for 68 crew and launch system personnel, including living, dining, medical and recreation facilities.. A large, environmentally-controlled hangar stores the rocket during transit and then rolls it out and erects it priory to fueling and launch-The Duke and Duchess of York's 14-day-old daughter is named Beatrice Elizabeth Mary... praying to a god who was nailed to a wooden cross, who locked up his brides in a convent..Did they really enjoy themselves, hmm?..

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