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"Bankrobber" is a song by The Clash.. Upon its release as a single (initially available in the UK on import only) it peaked at number 12 on the UK Singles Chart, and at number 14 on both the Irish Singles Chart and the New Zealand Singles Chart..Released 8 August 1980 ..

August 7 – Janice Brown pilots the MacCready Gossamer Penguin on its first solar-powered flight..Survivors of a tragic shipping collision are rescued by a mysterious black ship which appears out of the fog..South Korea / 19 – A fire breaks out in the aft cargo compartment of Saudia Flight 163, a Lockheed L-1011-200 TriStar,(First flight November 16, 1970 ) a few minutes after takeoff from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia\ 28–31 – The 3rd FAI World Rally Flying Championship is held in Aschaffenburg, West Germany. Individual winners are 1. Witold Świadek / Andrzej Korzeniowski (Poland), 2. Otto Höfling / Michael Amtmann (West Germany), 3. Luckerbauer / Meszaros (Austria).. Team results are 1.. Poland, 2. West Germany, 3. Austria..Little do they realise that the ship is actually a Nazi torture ship which has sailed the seas for years, luring unsuspecting sailors aboard and killing them off one by one..Portugal... was food on the table, and a hot, steaming cup of coffee.. But underneath, the tin cup was rusted to the table.. And then something caught my father's eye.. It was a gold dubloon, minted in Spain, 1867..My dad picked up the coin, put it in his breast pocket of his jacket, and zippered it up...

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