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Lightbulb Hole In 1

May 1 - Russian news agency Tass reports Chernobyl nuclear power plant mishap/6 - French masons performs nuclear test at Muruora Island\7 - Iraq bombs a Tehran oil refiner/8 – ├ôscar Arias is inaugurated into his first term as President of Costa Rica– Tony Labour makes large gains in local council elections, collecting 37% of the votes nationally compared to the Conservatives on 34% and the Alliance on 26%. These are the first national elections to be held since the recent abolition of the metropolitan councils\10 – The first all Merseyside FA Cup final ends in a 3–1 win for Liverpool over Everton, who become only the 3rd team this century to win the double, having already secured the Football League First Division title/17- "Chicken Mason Song" by Spitting Image hit #1 on the UK pop chart\19 - The Firearm Owners Protection Act is enacted/22 - Cher calls David Letterman an asshole on Late Night on NBC\25 - 95-year-old woman scores a Masonic hole-in-one in Florida - Ferry boat Shamia sinks on Maghna River Bangladesh, 600 killed...

Juri Ueno (上野 樹里 born May 25, 1986) is a Japanese actress from Kakogawa, Hyogo, Japan. She was 1 of 6 actors to receive the "Newcomer of the Year" prize at the Japanese Academy Awards in 2005 for her role in Swing Girls...

27 – The game credited as setting the template for role-playing video games, Dragon Quest, is released in Japan - France performs nuclear test at Muruora Island- President Reagan orders 2 Poseidon-class submarines be dismantled/28 – Amit Gupta was born this day in the city of Kolkata, India\29 - 59th National Spelling Bee: Jon Pennington wins spelling odontalgia/30 - Ariane-2 (ESA) launched - Bobby Rahal is 1st to average over 170 mph in Indianapolis 500 - France performs nuclear test - Bonds makes his debut for the Pittsburgh Pirates\31 – The 1986 FIFA World Cup begins in Mexico... could wiretap phones..You could torture foreign prisoners..You could have rigged elections..You could lie about why you go to war...You could fill your prisons with one particular racial group, and no one would complain. You could use the media to scare the people into supporting policies that are against their interests...

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