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Lightbulb Amy Turtle

Originally Posted by rtron View Post
The Kumite is a secret society. Yet, it is so well known amongst Asian Martial masters anyone not familiar with its historical legacy is literally labeled “Offspring of Turtles...

Amy Turtle was a character in Crossroads, the British television soap opera, played by Ann George from 1965 to 1976 and again from 1987 to 1988..

Amy first came to prominence in the series helping out at the antique shop in King's Oak ( village where Crossroads was set), but it was as the cleaner at the Crossroads Motel that she is best remembered. Her job gave her the perfect opportunity to listen to gossip and pass it on, yet, despite her irritating ways the staff remained strangely fond of her; as David Hunter (Ronald Allen), the motel manager, commented in a 1974 episode when Amy had been away from the Motel for a while: "I miss Amy.. Don't know why, I just do"..

Ann George (5 March 1903 - 8 September 1989) was a British actress best known for her role as Amy Turtle in the television soap opera Crossroads..She was born in Smethwick, and entered show business as a singer appearing in musicals such as The Belle of New York and The Desert Song and featured in the Gilbert and Sullivan show D'Oyly Carte.. She loved to sing and made a special appearance at Birmingham Town Hall singing in Handel's Messiah..Ann George also had her own cabaret act singing and telling jokes.. She took her first husband, George Snape's first name, after he died as her stage name. During her time on Crossroads, George also read Mrs. Pepperpot stories for the BBC children's show Jackanory..Over the years, Amy was involved in many storylines, some dramatic, some comedic. The last storyline she was involved in was the death of her son Billy. Amy went to visit her nephew in America, and didn't return to King's Oak until 1987... time, we didn't make any wishes for the future.. We said goodbye to our past.. Now, none of us has any idea where life's gonna take us, 'cause what we have is now...
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