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Originally Posted by jack tripper View Post
Yes. That's what they mean partly by widow's son. You're an apprentice, a widow's son and you enter into the system. Then when you are fully qualified and they let you into their system, you're given an approved control stamp. That's what all degrees are. They put the square mortar board on your head. You've been squared. And of course, you wear the cloak too of the master, a gown. And then different colors can come into it too, depending on the type that you've taken. So, it's all tied up with Freemasonry..

There was so much that came in, in the 18th Century when Masonry came in as a big front organization, run by others, a much, much older organization and people. They created Freemasonry and the educational system, because to rule over a country or a world, you must standardize a system of those who are in a managerial class of that system...
The Base of a Pyramid is square..
A hierarchy exemplifies an arrangement with a leader who leads other individual members of the organization.. This arrangement is often associated with bureaucracy..These structures are formed on the basis that there are enough people under the leader to give him support.. Just as one would imagine a real pyramid, if there are not enough stone blocks to hold up the higher ones, gravity would irrevocably bring down the monumental structure..The Peter Principle is a concept in management theory in which the selection of a candidate for a position is based on the candidate's performance in his or her current role rather than on abilities relevant to the intended role. Thus, employees only stop being promoted once they can no longer perform effectively, and "managers rise to the level of their incompetence"...

A hierarchical organization is an organizational structure where every entity in the organization, except one, is subordinate to a single other entity.. This arrangement is a form of a hierarchy. In an organization, the hierarchy usually consists of a singular/group of power at the top with subsequent levels of power beneath them..A hierarchy is typically visualized as a pyramid, where the height of the ranking or person depicts their power status and the width of that level represents how many people or business divisions are at that level relative to the whole—the highest-ranking people are at the apex, and there are very few of them; the base may include thousands of people who have no subordinates..All governments and most companies have similar structures. Traditionally, the monarch was the pinnacle of the state.. In many countries, feudalism and manorialism provided a formal social structure that established hierarchical links at every level of society, with the monarch at the top..Like all pyramids, the square pyramid is self-dual, having the same number of vertices as faces...

The League of Nations (abbreviated as LN in English, "Société des Nations" abbreviated as SDN in French) was an intergovernmental organisation founded on 10 January 1920 as a result of the Paris Peace Conference that ended the First World War. It was the first international organisation whose principal mission was to maintain world peace..

Principal Organs-The main constitutional organs of the League were the Assembly, the Council, and the Permanent Secretariat. It also had two essential wings: the Permanent Court of International Justice and the International Labour Organization. In addition, there were a number of auxiliary agencies and commissions.. Each organ's budget was allocated by the Assembly (the League was supported financially by its member states)..

Other Bodies-The League oversaw the Permanent Court of International Justice and several other agencies and commissions created to deal with pressing international problems.. These included the Disarmament Commission, the Health Organisation, the International Labour Organization (ILO), the Mandates Commission, the International Commission on Intellectual Cooperation (precursor to UNESCO), the Permanent Central Opium Board, the Commission for Refugees, and the Slavery Commission..A square pyramid can be represented by the Wheel graph W5.... the glory of ancient Egypt is ruins and dust.. And the greatest of the earth's early civilizations a thing of darkness and mystery..These mighty monuments tell of a people who were rulers of the world. Who created a civilization never surpassed for beauty and splendour. But the Egyptians were not only builders of monuments..They were beings no different than ourselves..This is the story of a man who dwelt in the ancient land of the Nile 33 centuries ago...
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