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Lightbulb Spidey Square

This driver probably didn’t believe his eyes when he bounced up on Spiderman on the Cipriani roundabout, Brian Lara Promenade in Port-of-Spain yesterday.. The web-crawler hit the town after a promotional launch at KFC, Independence Square, ahead of today’s opening for the highly-anticipated Spiderman 2 in the US and local cinemas...

Independence Square lies near to southern end of Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.. Formerly named Marine Square, it was renamed in honour of Trinidad and Tobago's independence from the United Kingdom in 1962. The Square runs from east to west and is bounded on the north side by King Street (the southern street bears the name of the square).. The Roman Catholic Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception lies at the eastern end of the Square (although the roadways bounding the square continue past the cathedral).. The western portion of the Square forms the Brian Lara Promenade.. The square was constructed on reclaimed land at the waterfront and was originally called Plaza de la Marina.. When the British captured Trinidad in 1797 they translated the name to Marine Square..The tallest buildings in the country, the Nicholas Tower and the Eric Williams Plaza are located on the southern side of Independence Square...

The Port of Spain was founded near the site of the Amerindian fishing village of Cumucurapo ("place of the silk cotton trees"), located in the area today known as Mucurapo, west of the city centre..The city is also home to the largest container port on the island and is one of several shipping hubs of the Caribbean, exporting both agricultural products and manufactured goods..The pre-lenten Carnival is the city's main annual cultural festival and tourist attraction..The city serves primarily as a retail and administrative centre and it has been the capital of the island since 1757. It is also an important financial services centre for the Caribbeanand is home to two of the largest banks in the region..The part of today's downtown Port of Spain closest to the sea was once an area of tidal mudflats covered by mangroves..

Nicholas Tower, situated on Independence Square, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago is the second tallest building in Trinidad and Tobago, as well as in the English-speaking Caribbean.. Secondly only to the 26 story building situated in the International Waterfront project.. It has an elliptical floor plate and stands 21 floors tall and 88 Meters high.. Construction was completed in 2003 and each floor, 8,000 square feet (700 m2) of space, was rented out at a cost of $96,000 a month (as of 2005).. It is a blue glass tower..The building was constructed on the site of the Trinidad Union Club, a 136-year-old private club.. which now occupies the penthouse suite of the Nicholas Tower..Eric Williams Plaza, also known as the Eric Williams Financial Complex, located on Independence Square, Port of Spain, is the tallest building in Trinidad and Tobago, as well as in the English-speaking Caribbean.. It consists of a pair of skyscrapers 22 stories high and 302 ft (92 m) tall, locally known as the "Twin Towers".. him to meet me at the Westside Tower at 3 o'clock..Find a secret country mansion in Colorado, known as The Meadows..By the way, John has seen my show 5 times...
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