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Originally Posted by ksigmason View Post
Well, as I'm taking a course on religion which includes the study of Hinduism which is taught by a Hindu who has his Doctorate in religious studies with an emphasis on Hinduism, I will disagree. Prior to this class I've looked at Hinduism very closely and have written papers on the subject. I would call Hinduism "polymorphic monotheism (one god with many incarnations, personifications, or manifestations)" as that is the best characterisation of that religion in my opinion.

This isn't quite right, but you're twisting a belief to suit your agenda...hmmm...a common theme of yours.

You have shown nothing. You have said much, but proven nothing. You have made proposterous claims, but provided no evidence to back it up. Nowhere in Freemasonry is eugenics a big part of anything.

And this is not a part of Freemasonry either.

Except it wasn't and isn't.

Quit projecting your wants.

There's more to Freemasonry than just charity, but it is a very important thing within Freemasonry. That is one aspect and no Mason will ever say you need to have secrets to be charitable.

Except it's not.

Merit gets you up the ladder.

Except they are not, but please feel free to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. Provide us with their Lodge, what positions they have held, and when they were initiated to each degree. You make all of these sensational claims, but you can never back it up. You are a liar and a fraud.
Originally Posted by ksigmason View Post
No it's not. There are aspects, but I will say that Hindu scholars argue over this. From my studies and view on the matter, I say it is polymorphic monotheism.

You can find pantheism in Islam as well.

I disagree that it has anything to do with the religion and agree with Sam Huntington who spoke about future wars being along cultural lines. Culture includes religion.

Except he said no such thing as you are quoting from a known hoax.

Well, you seem to focus on Morals & Dogma and once in a while from Hall's books. There's more to Freemasonry than just a few books you've (mis)read; plus, Pike and Hall, are only relevant to Masons in America, and even then Morals & Dogma is primarily with the Southern Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite and it was a supplment to the ritual as a comparison of Masonry to other beliefs. If it was "our secrets" they would not have published it and allow it to go to libraries/stores. There's also more modern authors as well.

Just for clarification, Jefferson was not a Mason.

According to whom? second major type of sleeping BaG, sometimes called a mummy BaG because of its shape, is different in a number of important ways...

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