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Lightbulb Allamah

In any given generation, there are only a few Allamahs...

As soon as we stepped out of the shiny terminal of Lahore International Airport in Lahore, Pakistan, my uncle Waheed and I were overcome by the smell of kerosene..Maybe our car had some problem. But it just wouldn’t go away until we got inside our room. I opened the window and it was still there, along with the fog..At 3 am I was awake and chipper again, courtesy of that jet lag, so I wandered the streets for a while. The smell of kerosene and fog still lingered around. When the sun rose blood red in the eastern sky a few hours later, I started putting things together. That stench is nothing but air pollution.. That fog is a combination of winter haze and photochemical smog..Once I taught myself to inhale shallow little breaths, through the nose as much as possible, I found it bearable to walk in the streets. My uncle Waheed, who I am accompanying on this trip, suggested that I don’t do anything too physical and even skip extensive walking through the streets, something that I usually do a lot of, and I couldn’t agree anymore. I even considered getting a dust mask or two, like some of the far eastern big city dwellers wear, but here in Pakistan that draws more curiosity than I really want to...
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