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Lightbulb Shopping Around

Breaking News JUst in.. Rothschilds seen shopping in Lidl....

Is the chief competitor of the similar German discount chain Aldi..

The festivites included a party on the jetty beside Oleg Deripaska's yacht, the Queen K..

Don't you just lurv Christian Values...

Isra eli Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz announced that he will demand a further €450 million to €1 billion in reparations from Germany on behalf of some 30,000 Israeli forced labour survivors.. As of 2013 no agreement has been reached.. Israel has also sought large discounts on the purchase of 2 German-built MEKO warships.. Israel has also received 2 Dolphin-class submarine for free from Germany, along with substantial discounts on 2 others, and has 2 more on order for a total of 6 as of December 2012... line broke the monkey got choked and they all went to heaven in a little row boat Clap, clap, clap your hands and prepare to pat Clap, now back with a clap...

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