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Originally Posted by dunadan View Post
Glad that you watched it - I hope others did as well and could see it all for what it is too.

I agree.

After we had never had it so good after WWII, tptb realised that the average person had more cash than ever before, and money = power. So they have systematically eroded such over the past 40-50 years or so.

Keep everyone in just enough debt = happyish slaves.

In addition zap us all with microwaves and MKU, with the added hypnosis of the black mirror (TV) and TPTB have depressed, sometimes happy (drugs and drink) slaves.
It must be Tuff being a Toff-scrimping everyday watching the heating bills, what you can spend on food etc etc..JUst getting by JUst about...Organic sprouts twice the price half the size...

The term Christian values historically refers to the values derived from the teachings of Jesus and taught by Christians throughout the history of the religion. The term has various applications and meanings, and specific definitions can vary widely between denominations, geographical locations, and different schools of thought..a living wage for all, seen as a mark of concern for the physical welfare of "the least among us"..a high, progressive income tax to promote greater income equality in keeping with Jesus' words in support of the poor and against excessive riches..
Originally Posted by lightgiver View Post

It is the £60million Cabinet. David Cameron’s coalition Government may have adopted ‘fairness’ as one of its defining slogans, but his team of Ministers has been drawn almost exclusively from the ranks of the financial elite – leading to accusations that politics is once again becoming the preserve of the wealthy..Of the 29 Ministers entitled to attend Cabinet meetings, 23 have assets and investments estimated to be worth more than £1million..

23. Dr Liam Fox £1m - Secretary of State for Defence..

Dr Fox is another Cabinet Minister who has benefited from the two-home life lived by many MPs, owning a Central London property and a large house in Somerset which combined are worth £1million..

Just six Cabinet Ministers are believed to be worth less than £1 million. They are: 24. Business Secretary Vince Cable, 25. Health Secretary Andrew Lansley, 26. Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles,27. Minister Without Portfolio Baroness Warsi, 28. Chief Whip Patrick McLoughlin and 29. Scottish Secretary Danny Alexander..

There is something wrong with a regime that requires a pyramid of corpses every few years... is a mysterious thing, the loss of faith-as mysterious as faith itself...Spending the night out of doors has nothing attractive about it in Londonstan, especially for a poor, ragged, undernourished wretch. Moreover sleeping in the open is only allowed in one thoroughfare in London.. If the policeman on his beat finds you asleep, it is his duty to wake you up..That is because it has been found that a sleeping man succombs to the cold more easily than a man who is awake, and England could not let one of her sons die in the street.. So you are at liberty to spend the night in the street, providing it is a sleepless night.. But there is one road where the homeless are allowed to sleep..Strangely, it is the Thames Embankment, not far from the Houses of Parliament. We advise all those visitors to England who would like to see the reverse side of our apparent prosperity to go and look at those who habitually sleep on the Embankment, with their filthy tattered clothes, their bodies wasted by disease, a living reprimand to the Parliament in whose shadow they lie..Think of life as it really is, think of the details of life; and then think that there is no meaning in it, no purpose, no goal except the grave...

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