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Lightbulb A Little Peace

Chinese & English Communication Styles...

Two cabbies search SF's Chinatown for a mysterious character who has disappeared with their $4000.. Their quest leads them on a humorous, if mundane, journey which illuminates the many problems experienced by Chinese-Americans living at the margins of contemporary American society..Budget $22,000..Release dates April 24, 1982...

1 April - A 12-year-old unnamed Birmingham boy becomes one of the youngest people in England and Wales to be convicted of murder after he admits murdering an 8-year-old boy, and is sentenced to be detained indefinitely/2 - Falklands War begins as Argentina invades the Falkland Islands\4 - The British Falkland Islands government surrenders, placing the islands in Argentine control/5 - Royal Navy task force sets sail to the Falklands from Portsmouth- Lord Carrington, British foreign secretary resigns due to Falklands war/6 – A blizzard unprecedented in size for April dumps 1–2 feet of snow on the northeastern United States, closing schools and businesses, snarling traffic, and canceling several major league baseball games- Columbia returns to Kennedy Space Center from White Sands\7 - Britain declares a 200-mile "exclusion zone" around the Falklands/13 - Penguins 3-Isles 4 (OT)-Preliminary-Isles win series (3-2)\15– Billy Joel is seriously injured in a motorcycle accident in Long Island, New York/17 - Johnny Cash hosts Saturday Night Live with Cash and Elton John and his classic band as the musical guests - US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site\19 - USSR Salyut 7 space station put into orbit/20 - PIRA explode bombs in Belfast, Derry, Armagh, Ballymena, Bessbrook and Magherafelt; 2 civilians are killed and 12 injured\21- Dutch Queen Beatrice addresses US Congress/24 -27th Eurovision Song Contest is held in Harrogate, Yorkshire where it was won by 17-year-old German singer Nicole with the song Ein Bisschen Frieden - The first British serviceman dies in the Falklands conflict, when his Sea King helicopter crashes Firestone World- Bowling Tournament of Champions won by Mike Durbin\25 - Falklands War: Royal Marines recapture South Georgia– Israel completes its withdrawal from the Sinai Peninsula in accordance with the Egyptian–Israeli Peace Treaty of 1979 - Great Britain performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site/26 -Joe Strummer vanishes, forcing The Clash to postpone their U.K. tour - Rod Stewart is mugged in Los Angeles. Stewart loses his $50,000 Porsche to the mugger, but is not hurt - CBS radio begins youth oriented broadcast Radio Radio\27- Trial of John W Hinckley Jr attempted assassin of Reagan, begins/30 - The Conservatives have returned to the top of the opinion polls -Bangs died in New York City of an accidental overdose of Darvon, Valium, and NyQuil – The Bijon Setu massacre takes place in India- Iranian offensive in Khusistan... I don't think you understand..I didn't come to rescue RAmbo from you..I came here to rescue you from him..Well, we all appreciate your concern Colonel, I will try to be extra careful!.I'm just amazed he allowed any of your posse to live.. Is that right?.Strictly speaking, he slipped up..You're lucky to be breathing..That's just great.. Colonel, you came out here to find out why one of your machines blew a gasket!..

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