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The murder of Louise Jensen happened on 16 September 1994 in Ayia Napa, Cyprus, when 3 British soldiers Allan Ford, Justin Fowler, and Geoffrey Pernell attacked, abducted, raped, and murdered Danish tour guide Louise Jensen..Louise Jensen was born on 19 March 1971. She died on 16 September 1994.. She grew up in the town of Hirtshals, Denmark, together with her parents and her younger brother..After college, Jensen was working as a tour guide in Cyprus for the Danish travel agency Star Tours..

In the night of 16 September 1994, Jensen and her Cypriot boyfriend were riding a motorbike when they were hit by a jeep driven by the drunk soldiers Ford, Fowler, and Pernell..Having beaten Jensen's boyfriend to the ground, the soldiers abducted Jensen, whereafter she was repeatedly raped and repeatedly beaten with a spade, leading to her death.. Finally she was buried in a shallow grave. Jensen's body was found several days later. Due to the soldiers' abuse and to the sun the body was in such a condition that only Jensen's silver ring identified her...

Pernell was the one who forced Jensen into the jeep..In court the soldiers' only explanation was that they 'wanted a woman'.

On 27 March 1996, Ford, Fowler, and Pernell were convicted of abduction, rape, and manslaughter and sentenced to life imprisonment. The judges described the crime as 'inhumane when planned, and vulgar when exercised'.In 2006, after spending under twelve years in custody, the soldiers were released and deported to Great Britain.. Fowler was released on 18 August. Pernell was released on 21 August. Ford was released in August..One long-term effect of this case was for the British military to declare certain tourist resorts on the island as out of bounds to military personnel...

The Members of the Royal Green Jackets, had abducted Louise Jensen, 23, after a drunken binge in a nearby resort..They knocked her off her boyfriend's motor bike, bundled her into their vehicle and repeatedly sexually assaulted her, before burying her "in panic"..The court was told how Ms Jensen, remembered by her friends for her sense of fun and adventure, had suffered 15 wounds to her face, neck and hands.. Marios Matsakis, a pathologist, said one blow "almost split her face in two", and her body could only be formally identified fully by dental records..Ms Jensen and her boyfriend, Michalis Vassiliades, were returning on his motor bike from an evening out when they pulled into a petrol station, where the soldiers were filling up their Mini Moke. When the couple tried to overtake them, the soldiers' car swerved and knocked them over...

Ms Jensen was struck with a spade by the soldiers, bundled into the Moke and driven away. Mr Vassiliades, a waiter, said: "It was like something out of a horror movie.. I knew they were going to kill her, but there was nothing I could do. They were big men and I couldn't get near them.".An hour after he reported the crime, the soldiers were arrested with bloodstains on their clothes.. They later took part in a two-day search for Ms Jensen's body, because they had been too drunk to remember where they had left her..She was eventually found in a shallow grave, 5 miles from where she was abducted, by a local farmer who noticed a blackened hand protruding from the ground..Louise Jensen was so disfigured by the attack that she had to be identified by her rings...One senior police officer involved in the search described the killing as "one of the most brutal crimes ever committed in Cyprus". It cast a dark shadow over the troops posted in Cyprus..

From the family home in the Danish seaside town of Hirtshals, Mr Jensen, 58, said: "It's absurd that you can be released for good behaviour when the crime is so brutal. It is very offensive to the memory of Louise and to us as parents."...We also wrote a letter to the Cypriot prime minister. But we got a letter back where he wrote that he was very sorry but there was nothing he could do..A huge variety of British and overseas service personnel are tested and toughened up in the Brecon Beacons...Some of the most demanding terrain is to be found, and is the venue for the notorious "Fan Dance", a gruelling trek over Pen y Fan, at 866 metres the highest peak in southern Britain...

Aer Lingus was the first airline to operate the F27 Friendship...

Vassiliades, Basilios Michael Vassilios "Vass"..A Greek from the island of Chios, born in 1920. He was a student in UK at the time war broke out and unable to return home he volunteered for the RAF. Credited with 11+1/2 victories, awarded the DFC, DFM. Fought over Europe (France, D-Day, Germany) and killed in action 25 March 1945 during a ground attack. His death is mentioned in The Big Show (Le Grand Cirque) written by the French ace Pierre Clostermann with whom he occasionally shared a plane while based in Volkel, Holland. He flew Spitfire Mk.V, the Mustang III and Hawker Tempest V. He became the second Greek ace retaining Greek nationality. He is also the only Greek pilot to have his name remembered on the Air Forces Memorial, Runnymede..

Maersk Air A/S was a Danish airline which operated between 1969 and 2005..The airline had offshore helicopter operations from 1975 to 1999 and had 3 airline subsidiaries: Maersk Air UK, Maersk Commuter and Star Air..The airline was founded on the foundations on the purchase of Falck Air on 21 February 1969. Fokker F27s were bought and domestic services from Copenhagen to Odense and Stauning..Maersk Air gradually invested in new aircraft, including the Fokker 50, Boeing 737 Classic and later the 737-700. During the 1990s the number of international services increased, often codesharing with foreign airlines. With the Danish airlines deregulated in 1995, Maersk first sought to compete with Scandinavian Airlines. The then created a cartel. After being exposed, the airline fell into a decline after 2001, posting large deficits from which it never recovered. The airline was bought by the FL Group and merged with Sterling Airlines in 2005...

In two weeks Ms Jensen's brother Soren is to marry.. When he steps up to the altar, he will have a token of his sister around his neck, the cross and chain she was wearing on the day she died. He swears it will remain there forever... once believed that when someone dies, a crow carries their soul to the land of the dead..But sometimes, something so bad happens that a terrible sadness is carried with it and the soul can't rest.. Then sometimes, just sometimes,the crow can bring that soul backto put the wrong things right...

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