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Originally Posted by lead poisoner View Post
how can humanity be doomed? i understand asleep but doomed seems not possible since we are all leaving this lower dimensionand eventually this game at some point . others later and others sooner but everyone takes his time, so from that perspective no one is doomed. i got a bit confused here, can someone stay in eternity in this matrix construct of 3d or 4d by the archons? isnt this game going to end at some point by the hand of the divine plan itself that we created with our higher selfs?

help me out to understand plz
As i said there have been extinction events before and we are still here.

There are no answers, to your questions.

We have Fukushima,

Global economic collapse,

threat of WW3,


GMO foods, Monsanto,

Psychopathic rulers,

The environment is poisoned.

War, famine, transhumanism.

No solutions.

All the awakened truthers do is argue with each other.

Who is going to save us, its getting a bit late. Jesus is overdue, god is playing hide and seek.

If you know of a divine plan, then i would like to hear it.

Save your self the ship is sinking, get into a lifeboat.
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