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The 1957 Aqaba Valetta accident happened on the 17 April 1957 when a twin-engined Vickers Valetta C.1 transport aircraft, serial number VW832, of 84 Squadron, Royal Air Force crashed and was destroyed after departing from Aqaba Airport in Jordan following wing failure due to turbulence..The Valetta was returning British Army troops from Jordan to the United Kingdom following the end of the Anglo-Jordanian Treaty.. The Valetta had 3 crew and most of the 24 passengers were from the 10th Royal Hussars.. The aircraft departed Aqaba at 10:23, bound for a stop at Mafraq Airport in North Jordan and then RAF Habbaniya in Iraq.. At about 10:30 the aircraft hit turbulence causing the wing to fail, the aircraft spun into the ground 20 miles North North West of Aqaba, it burned and was destroyed killing all on board...

The Board of Inquiry found the accident was due to the failure of the port main spar of the outer wing which had resulted in the disintegration of the wing round the fracture and damage to the rear fuselage and tail.. The board also said it found that spar failure was due to over-stressing and they suggested this was due to the extreme air turbulence which was known to have existed in the area at the time..The board said they had found no sign of a fatigue failure..Fatalities 27... – Suspected English serial killer John Bodkin Adams is found not guilty of murder at the Old Bailey..His licence to prescribe dangerous drugs was revoked on 4 September and on 27 November he was struck off the Medical Register by the GMC-Adams slipped and fractured his hip on 30 June 1983 while shooting in Battle, East Sussex.. He was taken to Eastbourne Hospital but developed a chest infection and died on 4 July of left ventricular failure... roll up your mouth, you talk too much.. If I'd known how much you talk I'd never have come out of my coma..This thing weighs a ton..Perhaps you can help me, your Lordship..6 months, I have applied for my hearing aid and I am still waiting for it..How come you believe the woman's?.She's one of "them", too, isn't she?..
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