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Arrow Assassin Airways

Ultimate Force - Series 3 - Episode 1 - Deadlier Than The Male - Part 1..

China Airlines Founded 16 December 1959 (CAL) is the largest airline in Taiwan and the flag carrier of the Republic of China (Taiwan). It is headquartered in Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport and has approximately 11,000 employees.. China Airlines operates over 1,300 flights weekly to 95 airports in 91 cities across Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania.. The carrier was, in 2013, the 29th largest airline in the world in terms of passenger RPK (revenue per kilometer) and the 9th largest in terms of freight RPK.. China Airlines has 3 airline subsidiaries: Mandarin Airlines operates flights to domestic and regional destinations with smaller demands; China Airlines Cargo operates a fleet of freighter aircraft and manages its parent airline's cargo-hold capacity; Tigerair Taiwan is a low-cost carrier established by China Airlines and Singaporean airline group Tigerair Holdings...

1980 February 3 -Baracoa, Cuba Cubana de Aviacon Crashed while attemping to land..Aboard:37 (passengers:33 crew:4)Fatalities:1 (passengers:1 crew:0)/16 – UK – An express passenger train is derailed at Bushey, Hertfordshire due to a broken rail. Nineteen people are seriously injured- Eric Heiden skates 5k in 7:02.29 (Olympic Record)- Continuous traffic jam extends 176 km north of Lyons, France\21 – Advance Airlines Flight 4210, a Beechcraft Super King Air 200, crashes shortly after takeoff from Sydney Airport, following failure of one engine due to water in the fuel, killing all 13 people on board- Eric Heiden skates Olympic record 1500m in 1:55.44- Hanni Wenzel is 1st Liechtensteiner to win Olymp gold (giant slalom)-Leeville, Louisiana Rotor Airs Inc - Air Taxi -The helicopter experienced uncontrollable overspeeding, became airborne, lost power and crashed..Fatalities:6 (passengers:6 crew:0)/22 - Near Agra, India Military - Indian Air Force - A bicyclist riding on the runway led the pilot to initiate a premature liftoff resulting in a stall. The plane was carrying paratroopers..Fatalities: 46 (passengers:? crew:?)\27 - Flight 811, a CAL Boeing 707-300C, registration B-1826, crashed short of the runway at Manila International Airport, killing 2 of 135 on board- 22nd Grammy Awards: What a Fool Believe, Streisand-Diamond duet- Robert Mugabe's ZANU-PF wins elections in Zimbabwe - Israel & Egypt exchange ambassadors- Terrorists occupies Dominican embassy in Bogota...

1983 August 5 - Off Bula, Indonesia Bali International Air Service..Fatalities: 2 /11-Evart, Michigan Air Taxi - Northern Air Services Inc.The aircraft collided with a power pole and trees during a forced landing after a power loss on takeoff. Reason for occurrence unknown.Fatalities:2(passengers:1 crew:1)\17-Grand Canyon, Arizona Las Vegas Airlines Crashed into a cliff in the Grand Canyon on a sightseeing flight.Fatalities:10 (passengers:9 crew:1)/21 - Flight 811, a Boeing 767-200 from Taipei, landed in Manila International Airport. Benigno Aquino Jr. the former senator in Philippines was assassinated after being escorted from the plane...Sometime between his egress from the aircraft and his boarding of the ground vehicle, several gunshots were heard, and when the firing stopped, Aquino and a man later identified as Rolando Galman lay dead on the apron, both from gunshot wounds. Aquino's body was carried into the AVSECOM (Aviation Security Command) van by 2 AVSECOM SWAT soldiers, while another soldier at the bumper of the van continued to fire shots at Galman. Then the AVSECOM van sped away, leaving behind the bullet-riddled body of Galman..Mere hours after the shooting, the government declared that Rolando Galman, a Communist hitman acting on orders from Philippine Communist Party chairman Rodolfo Salas, was the man who killed Aquino..There were numerous irregularities in this version of events, not least of which was how an alleged lone gunman could have penetrated the security detail of over 1,000 people at the airport without assistance..Years later, the official investigation into the assassination concluded that Galman was a fall guy in a larger plot to kill Aquino; despite this conclusion, many prominent individuals continue to support the position that Galman was the perpetrator...

21 – Ireland – Cherryville Junction, County Kildare: a train, having run out of fuel and stopped, is hit by a second train from the rear.. 7 people are killed and 55 are injured- Joanne Carner wins LPGA Chevrolet World Championship of Women's Golf- "La Cage aux Folles" opens at Palace Theater NYC for 1761 perfs- 110°F (43°C) at Fayetteville, North Carolina (state record)\27 - Near Dundo, Angola Transamerica Airlines Fatalities:7 (passengers:3 crew:4)/28-Adavale, Queensland, Australia Moore's Air Charter Fatalities:12\29 - ITV launches Blockbusters, a gameshow hosted by Bob Holness and featuring sixth formers as its contestants/30 – Aeroflot Flight 5463, a Tupolev Tu-134A, crashes into a mountain while approaching Alma-Ata Airport, killing all 90 on board- WKBC-TV (channel 48) ends broadcasting in Phila- Elizabeth R Zakarian (Devon Pierce), 17, NY, crowned 1st Miss Teen USA- Guion Bluford becomes 1st African-American astronaut in space - 8th Space Shuttle Mission-Challenger 3-launched (6 days..,_Jr.'s my understanding... that there are, uh..23 students registered... for this series of lectures on advanced musical form. Now, we all know it's not raining outside, and unless there's a fire in some other part of the building that we don't know about, there's an awful lot of people here with nothing better to do...
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