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"Sunshine on a Rainy Day" is a single released by British female pop singer and songwriter Zoƫ..The song was originally released at the end of 1990, when it only managed to reach #53 on the UK Singles Chart. It was not until the remix by Youth in August 1991, that it hit #4 on the same chart and became her biggest hit to date and it crashed straight into the top 5 in August 1991...

August 4 – The cruise liner MTS Oceanos sinks off the coast of South Africa; all 571 passengers on board are safely evacuated.

8 – John McCarthy, a British hostage held in Lebanon for over 5 years is freed..Following his release, he co-authored, with Jill Morrell, a memoir of his years in captivity, entitled Some Other Rainbow. In 1995 he sailed around the coast of Britain with Sandi Toksvig, making a BBC documentary TV series and a book of the experience. McCarthy attended university with Toksvig's brother, Nick. John McCarthy co-presented the BBC Radio 4 programme Excess Baggage, also with Sandi Toksvig – The Warsaw radio mast, the tallest construction ever built at the time, collapses...

12 – The Times reports that every job vacancy is being chased by 22 applicants- Creditors vote to support Greyhound Bus reorganization plan.

17 - Strathfield massacre: In Sydney, Australia, taxi driver Wade Frankum shoots 7 people and injures 6 others before turning the gun on himself- Royals Warren Cromartie's 1st major league HR since 1983.

22 – Iceland is the first nation in the world to recognize the independence of the Baltic nations- Krizstina Egerszegi swims world record 100 m backstroke (1:00.31)..

The Lebanon hostage crisis refers to the systematic kidnapping in Lebanon of 96 foreign hostages of 21 national origins—mostly American and western European — between 1982 and 1992. At least 8 hostages died in captivity; some were murdered, while others died from lack of adequate medical attention to illnesses..25 victims were Americans, 16 were Frenchmen, 12 Britons, 7 Swiss, and 7 West Germans..Among the names the hostage takers used were Islamic Jihad, Organization for the Defense of Free People, Organization for the Oppressed of the Earth, Islamic Jihad for the Liberation of Palestine..With the exception of a few hostages such as CIA Bureau Chief William Francis Buckley and Marine Colonel William Higgins, (who were both killed) most of the hostages were chosen not for any political activity or alleged misdeeds they had committed, but because of the country they came from and the ease of kidnapping them.. Despite this, they were often treated quite cruelly, with repeated beatings and mock executions..Another American military man killed by Hezbollah abductors was Colonel William R. Higgins.. He was captured February 17, 1988, and taken hostage while serving on a (UN) peacekeeping mission in southern Lebanon. A year and a half after his capture, a videotape was released by his captors showing his body hanging by the neck.. On December 23, 1991, his body was recovered from a Beirut street where it had been dumped... Murdoch, you will muster the passengers.. Mister Lightoller, you will have the boats uncovered and swung out..Mister Boxhall, call all hands and get them to boat stations..Mister Moody, you will help Mister Lightoller..Mister Wilde and Mister Pitman will remain on the bridge...

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