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Arrow Chemical Bound

Homeward Bound is a song by American music duo Simon & Garfunkel from their 3rd studio album, Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme (1966).. Produced by Bob Johnston, the song was released as a single on January 19, 1966 by Columbia Records. Written by Paul Simon, the song was composed in 1964 during his period in London, England.. Away from his love interest Kathy Chitty while touring clubs, Simon felt depressed and homesick.. He first penned the song on a scrap of paper outside the Widnes railway station in Widnes..Before the Industrial Revolution Widnes was made up of small settlements on marsh and moorland.. In 1847, the first chemical factory was established and the town rapidly became a major centre of the chemical industry.. The demand for labour was met by large-scale immigration from Ireland, Poland, Lithuania and Wales.. The town continues to be a major manufacturer of chemicals..Widnes and Hough Green train stations are on the Liverpool to Manchester line.. The main roads through the town are the A557 in a north–south direction and the A562 east–west.. The disused Sankey Canal terminates in an area known as Spike Island..Released January 19, 1966...

January 1 – In a coup, Colonel Jean-B├ędel Bokassa takes over as military ruler of the Central African Republic, ousting President David Dacko- 12 day transit worker strike shuts down NYC subway\2 – A strike of public transportation workers in New York City begins (it will end January 13)– United States – The last two cars of the Louisville and Nashville Railroad's South Wind derail near Franklin, Kentucky, injuring 19 of an estimated 400 passengers on board. The last car, a private coach owned by Robert T. Hogan of Oak Park, Illinois, turns over on its side, injuring him and several members of his family, while passengers in the next coach, which derails but stays upright, were injured by baggage stored overhead striking them in the head and back- 1st Jewish child born in Spain since 1492 expulsion/3 – The first Acid Test is conducted at the Fillmore, San Jose - British Rail begins full electric passenger train services over the West Coast Main Line from Euston to Manchester and Liverpool with 100 mph (160 km/h) operation from London to Rugby. Services officially inaugurated 18 April-Stop-motion children's television series Camberwick Green first shown on BBC1 \4 - A military coup occurs in Upper Volta (later Burkina Faso)- prime ministers of India and Pakistan meet in Moscow -A gas leak fire at the Feyzin oil refinery near Lyon, France, kills 18 and injures 84 – More than 4,000 people attend a memorial service at Westminster Abbey for the broadcaster Richard Dimbleby, who died last month aged 52..He was an English journalist and broadcaster, who became the BBC’s first war correspondent, and then its leading TV news commentator/8 - Who & the Kinks perform on the last "Shindig" TV show on ABC\10 - Pakistani–Indian peace negotiations end successfully in Tashkent - The French paper L'Express publishes a story of Georges Figon, who took part in the kidnapping of Mehdi Ben Barka - India & Pakistan sign peace accord/11 - A Conference on Rhodesia begins in Lagos, Nigeria-The first SR-71 Blackbird spy plane goes into service at Beale AFB.- 550 die in landslides in mountains behind Rio de Janeiro after rain\12 - "Batman" with Adam West & Burt Ward premieres on ABC TV– United States President Lyndon Johnson states that the United States should stay in South Vietnam until Communist aggression there is ended– 3 British MPs visiting Rhodesia ( Rowland, Bray and Ennals) are assaulted by supporters of Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith - LBJ says US should stay in S Vietnam until communist aggression ends/13 – Robert C. Weaver becomes the first African American Cabinet member, by being appointed United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development - US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site\14 - Bowie releases his 1st record (Can't Help Thinking About Me)/15 – A bloody military coup is staged in Nigeria, deposing the civilian government - The Nigerian coup is overturned by another faction of the military, leaving a military government in power. This is the beginning of a long period of military rule - A B-52 bomber collides with a KC-135 Stratotanker over Spain, dropping 3 70-kiloton hydrogen bombs near the town of Palomares, and one into the sea, in the 1966 Palomares B-52 crash-Carl Brashear, the first African American United States Navy diver, is involved in an accident during the recovery of a lost H-bomb which results in the amputation of his leg- Martin Luther King Jr. opens campaign in Chicago\18 - French police announce that Georges Figon has committed suicide, prior to his arrest for the kidnapping of Mehdi Ben Barka -About 8,000 U.S. soldiers land in South Vietnam; U.S. troops now total 190,000- Robert C Weaver, confirmed as 1st black cabinet member (HUD)/19 – Indira Gandhi is elected Prime Minister of India; she is sworn in January 2- Neil Simons, Coleman & Fields' musical "Sweet Charity," premieres - Tippetts cantate "Vision of St Augustine," premieres in London\20 – Demonstrations occur against high food prices in Hungary - The Queen commutes the death sentence on a black prisoner in Rhodesia, two months after its abolition in Britain-Radio Caroline South pirate radio ship MV Mi Amigo runs aground on the beach at Frinton-She was built as the schooner Margarethe for German owners. A sale in 1927 saw her renamed Olga and she was lengthened in 1936/21 – Italian PM Aldo Moro resigns due to a power struggle in his party..., my husband... George, who is out somewhere there in the dark, who is good to me - whom I Reveille, who can keep learning the games we play as quickly as I can change them.. Who can make me happy and I do not wish to be happy.. Yes, I do wish to be happy.. George and Martha: Sad, sad, sad.. Whom I will not forgive for having come to rest; for having seen me and having said: yes, this will do..Why Martha!.Your Sunday chapel dress!..

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