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Lightbulb African and Malagasy Union

The African and Malagasy Union (AMU) (French: Union Africaine et Malgache (UAM)) was an intergovernmental organization created to promote cooperation among former French colonies in Africa. The organization derives its name from the name of the continent of Africa and from the former Malagasy Republic, now Madagascar. The organization went defunct in 1985..The organization was founded in 12 September 1961 in Antananarivo by members of the Brazzaville Group of French Speaking States developing out of a meeting held in Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo in December 1960...

The African and Malagasy Common Organization (Organization Commune Africaine et Malgache; OCAM) was the successor to the UAMCE. It was set up at Nouakchott, Mauritania in February 1965 and comprised the original 12 members of the UAM with the addition of Togo. In May 1965 its membership was increased by the addition of Congo (Kinshasa) and Rwanda. In June 1965, however, Mauritania withdrew. The remaining 14 then signed the new OCAM charter on 27 June at a meeting in Antananarivo, Madagascar..It developed a number of joint services and of these the most successful and most well known is the multinational airline Air Afrique.. In 1979 the airline was separated from OCAM...

The organization's later history became increasingly troubled.. Mauritius joined in 1970. Congo (Kinshasa), by then renamed Zaire, withdrew in 1972; Congo (Brazzaville) in 1973; Cameroon, Chad and Madagascar in 1974; Gabon in 1977. However, some of these countries retained their links with OCAM's various agencies. In 1982 OCAM held a summit at Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire; it had then changed its name, though only to substitute Mauritius for Madagascar, to Organization Commune Africaine et Mauricienne. OCAM, also, has ceased to operate..The organization officially went extinct on 23 March 1985...
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