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Arrow Satanic Titanic

1912 April 3 - Calbraith P. Rodgers, the 33-year-old American aviator who had flown, with multiple stops, from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific Coast in the autumn of 1911, was killed while flying his plane in an airshow\4 - Chinese republic proclaimed in Tibet/9-President Taft signed legislation creating the United States Children's Bureau as an agency within the United States Department of Commerce and Labor - See? That is why women have the babies..Sam! My water broke!..Can't you give her something for the pain?..Okay, uh... You want Anastasia?..Think, you Commie bastard!..I hate you! You did this to me you miserable piece of dick-brained, horseshit slime-sucking son of a whore bitch!.What happened to that British etiquette? \10 –White Star liner RMS Titanic departs from Southampton with 2225 passengers and crew on her maiden voyage bound for New York - The French liner Niagara, sailing from Le Havre to New York, struck ice while sailing near Newfoundland. The ship's bow plates were dented, the ship began to leak, and an S.O.S. was sent. The steamer Carmonia rushed to the rescue, but the crew of the Niagara was able to make repairs\11- Cornerstone of Technion in Haifa Palestine laid – RMS Titanic makes her last call, at Queenstown in Ireland -`Abdu'l-Bahá, leader of the Baha'i Faith, arrived in New York City to continue his journey to spread the new religion to the Western world. The spiritual leader had been brought over by the steamer S.S. Cedric, which had left Naples on March 24. Reportedly, American and Canadian Baha'is had offered to pay extra for him to sail to New York on a much faster ship, the R.M.S. Titanic, but Abdul-Baha had declined. The religious leader would spend the rest of the year in the U.S., giving 200 speeches on "The Oneness of Religion", and visiting 32 cities -`Abdu'l-Bahá was born in Tehran to an aristocratic family of the realm..

13 - Royal Flying Corps, a predecessor to the British Royal Air Force, was established as a separate branch of the armed forces by warrant signed by King George V - Died: Takuboku Ishikawa, 26, Japanese poet\14–15 – RMS Titanic sinks at 2:27 AM off Newfoundland as the band plays on.. RMS Titanic strikes an iceberg in the northern Atlantic Ocean and sinks with the loss of 1517 lives..The wreck will not be discovered until 1985-China's President Yuan Shih-kai issued a manifesto asking the 5 separate race groups in the nation to unite through intermarriage-Died: Henri Brisson, 77, former President of French Chamber of Deputies - Born: Kim Il Sung, President of North Korea, as Kim Sung-Ju, in Man-gyong-dae (d. 1994)/15 - The syndicalist Daily Herald newspaper is first published on a permanent basis\16 – Harriet Quimby becomes the first woman to fly across the English Channel - Born: Edmond Jabès Jewish Egyptian French-language author, in Cairo (d. 1991) - John Halas, Hungarian-British filmmaker and animator (Animal Farm), as János Halász, in Budapest/17 – 500 striking gold miners in Siberia are killed or wounded by troops in the Lena massacre. refers to the shooting of striking goldfield workers by soldiers of the Imperial Russian Army..The local newspaper Zvezda reported 270 dead and 250 wounded - It is a hybrid event, starting and ending as an annular eclipse, with only a small portion of totality - Julia Lathrop became the first woman to lead a U.S. federal government agency, after being appointed by President Taft to direct the U.S. Children's Bureau\18 – Cunard Line vessel RMS Carpathia arrives in New York with the 708 RMS Titanic survivors - Italo-Turkish War: Italy attacked Ottoman Turkey directly, as 27 warships sailed into the Dardanelles and began bombardment of Fort Kilid-ul-Bahr and Fort Sedd-ul-Bahr for two and a half hours/19 - Russian Empire agreed to recognize Italian sovereignty over Libya in return for Italy's support of Russian influence in the Balkans - U.S. Hydrographic Office and representatives of the steamship lines agreed that the winter time course of ships would be 270 miles south of the course taken by the Titanic - At a U.S. Senate subcommittee hearing, Titanic Second Officer Charles Lightoller testified that they loaded as few as 25 people in boats intended to hold 65, only as much as they thought the ropes would hold - Born: Glenn T. Seaborg, American chemist, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1999)\ 20 - The luxury ocean liner SS France began its maiden voyage, from Le Havre, 10 days after the Titanic had started its first trip. The ship would remain in service until 1935..Carrying 1,273 passengers (with room for 2,026 and enough lifeboats for all), the France arrived safely in New York 6 days later.– Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts, opens -Died: Bram Stoker, 54, Irish writer best known as the creator of (Dracula) (b. 1847)/21 - At Munich, Walter Friedrich and Paul Knipping confirmed the theory, made by German physicist Max von Laue, that the x-rays aimed at a crystal would be diffracted, and that the patterns left on a photographic plate would effectively show the location of individual atoms - Aleister Crowley was appointed by Ordo Templi Orientis leader Theodor Reuss as the "National Grand Master General for Great Britain and Ireland" to spread the Reuss's variety of the occult in the British Isles. Crowley would later be designated by Reuss as "Supreme and Holy King of Ireland, Iona and all the Britons within the sanctuary of the Gnosis"..Tornadoes that swept through Illinois and Indiana killed 72, with the hardest hit regions being Bush, Marion and Kankakee, Illinois, and Morocco, Indiana. Another 35 were killed in Oklahoma and Texas, with Rogers, Texas and Lugert, Oklahoma being destroyed-Born: Phillip Law, Australian scientist who directed that nation's Antarctic expeditions from 1949 to 1986; in Tallangatta, Victoria (d. 2010)/22 - The date of the first issue of Pravda, the official newspaper of the Communist Party, and the leading newspaper for the Soviet Union between 1922 and 1991, was 22 April 1912- English aviator Denys Corbett Wilson completes the first aeroplane crossing of the Irish Sea, from Goodwick in Wales to Crane near Enniscorthy in Ireland..\23 - Italo-Turkish War: Italian troops seized control of the Turkish island of Stampalia/24 - RMS Olympic, sister ship of the White Star liner Titanic was barred from departing Southampton with its 1,400 passengers because of a strike by shipworkers, over insufficient lifeboats. The White Star Line had added 16 "collapsible" boats which could be deployed in a hurry\25 - Germany's Reichstag defeated the proposal to increase the Army and Navy-Born Iris Faircloth Blitch, U.S. Representative for Georgia, 1955–63, in Toombs County, Georgia (d. 1993)/26 - The bazaar, shopping quarter for Syrians in Damascus, caught on fire, causing $10,000,000 in damages and killing several persons - Sergei Mironovich Kostrikov, an early leader in Russia's Bolshevik movement, first took on the pen name "Kirov". Although he would be assassinated in 1934 while serving as the Communist Party chief in Leningrad, the Russian city of Kirov, the Russian Kirov Oblast, and the Ukrainian city of Kirovohrad are all named in his honour\27 - Civil war broke out again in Paraguay, with former President Jara commanding rebels at Villa Encarnacion. Four Paraguayan warships bombarded the rebels, who returned fire with cannons and forced the troops to withdraw/28 - Hubert Lyautey was appointed as the first French Resident-General of Morocco - Born: Odette Sansom, French World War II heroine, in Amiens (d. 1995); and Kaneto Shindō, Japanese film director, in Hiroshima (still alive in 2012) - Died: Jules Bonnot, 35, French anarchist who led the Bonnot Gang of armed robbers, after being wounded in a shootout with police at Choisy-le-Roi\29 - The thermometer rose to 108 °F (42.2 °C) at the city of Tuguegarao, setting a record for the highest recorded temperature not only in the Philippines, but also for the islands of the South Pacific ocean - Died: Subh-i-Azal, 81, Persian religious leader/30 – The cable ship Mackey-Bennett arrived at Halifax, bringing the bodies of 190 people who had drowned or frozen to death after escaping the Titanic Mechanic.. Although the ship had recovered 306 bodies, 116 of those were buried at sea because of a lack of sufficient embalming fluid, including 57 that had been identified.. Located were the remains of John Jacob Astor and Isidor Straus, while Mrs. Straus and former presidential adviser Archibald Butt were never located– Carl Laemmle founds Universal Studios as the Universal Film and Manufacturing Company in the United States\April/May - Thousands of Jewish workers in London's garment trade in the West End strike, followed by thousands more in the East End inspired by Rudolf Rocker.May 1 – 'Abdu'l-Baha lays the cornerstone for the Baha'i House of Worship in Wilmette, Illinois/23 – Hamburg America Line's SS Imperator is launched in Ham-burg and is the world's largest ship / 30 - Wilbur Wright (of the Wright brothers) dies with a case of Typhoid fever..A nonsingular black hole model is a mathematical theory of black holes that avoids certain theoretical problems with the standard black hole model, including information loss and the unobservable nature of the black hole event horizon...Today some of the most viable candidates for the end result of the collapse of a star with mass well above the Chandrasekhar (stable white dwarf star) limit include the gravastar and the dark energy star...The star has to go on radiating and radiating and contracting and contracting until, I suppose, it gets down to a few km radius, when gravity becomes strong enough to hold in the radiation, and the star can at last find peace… who controls the past controls the future..In competitive behavior someone always loses..See if I derive an equilibrium where prevalence is a non-singular event where nobody loses, can you imagine the effect..Classes will dull your mind, destroy the potential for authentic creativity.. He who controls the present controls the past...

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