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Arrow Symphony of Horror

Have TPTB ever thought about having smaller Hospitals..

Or maybe getting to the Root cause of Dis-ease ?..Carry On Matron !...
Ebola fury in Spain as nurses throw surgical gloves at prime minister's car as he visits hospital caring for gravely ill victim..Health workers have jeered the Spanish prime minister and thrown gloves at him as he visited the Madrid hospital where a nurse with Ebola is being treated today amid claims staff are stressed out..The nurses gathered around Mariano Rajoy's motorcade at the end of his visit to the Carlos III hospital to protest at the government's handling of the case of Teresa Romero..The nurse, is the first person to have contracted Ebola outside of Africa, after becoming infected by a Spanish priest repatriated from Africa with the disease as she treated him at the Carlos III Hospital...She is said to be in a serious but stable condition and has being described as at 'serious risk' of dying by Madrid's regional leader...

The protest comes after it was reported staff were working under stressful conditions at the hospital as some nurses stay away from work, fearful they might catch the deadly virus..One of the nurses caring for Mrs Romero, Charly Manuel Torres, told AFP: 'There are fewer staff signing up to help by providing voluntary extra cover at the hospital...'We are very stressed. We are working under a lot of pressure'..

According to other reports, medical workers have been calling in sick with some even formally resigning from their posts..Meanwhile health workers' unions say training and equipment at the Carlos III hospital were insufficient to deal with the deadly Ebola crisis..Health professionals have blamed substandard equipment and protective suits for the infection spreading..The hospital also specialises in infectious diseases but parts of it were recently closed at a time of public spending cuts..

But after visiting the Carlos III hospital where the infected nurse lay, the prime minister said the situation was 'complex and difficult,' but he was 'absolutely convinced' everything necessary would be done to beat the crisis..The deputy premier Soraya Saenz de Santamria also told a news conference the government was working 'to give the best care possible to Teresa Romero, to transmit calm to the population and to coordinate our actions.'Ms Saenz said she herself would head the new committee, which will bring together Health Minister Ana Mato and representatives of various other ministries...

It comes after se7en people turned themselves in to an Ebola isolation unit in Madrid yesterday, where Mrs Romero is being cared for..The seven new admissions included two hairdressers who had given Romero a beauty treatment before she was diagnosed with Ebola, and hospital staff who had treated the 44-year-old nurse..A hospital spokeswoman said there were now 14 people in the isolation unit on its sealed-off sixth floor..Among them were Mrs Romero's, her husband, and health workers who had cared for her since she was admitted on Monday..Two doctors who treated her have been admitted for precautionary observation, while two nurses who worked alongside Mrs Romero Ramos are also in quarantine..One of the doctors has complained that the sleeves on his protective suit were too short...It has also been alleged that the nurse found out she had the virus through a media report, while looking at her mobile phone...

A black-swathed coach appears after Hutter crosses the bridge and the coachman gestures for him to climb aboard.. Hutter is welcomed at a castle by Count Orlok. When Hutter is eating dinner and accidentally cuts his thumb, Orlok tries to suck the blood out, but his repulsed guest pulls his hand away..Reading a book about vampires that he took from the local inn, Hutter starts to suspect that Orlok is Nosferatu, the "Byrd of Death".. Hutter escapes the castle through the window, but is knocked unconscious by the fall and awakes in a hospital..When he is sufficiently recovered, he hurries home.. Meanwhile, the coffins are shipped down river on a raft.. They are transferred to a schooner,but not before one is opened by the crew, revealing a multitude of rats.. The sailors on the ship get sick one by one; soon all but the captain and first mate are dead..Despite the best efforts by government's and local authorities to control the situation, society is beginning to collapse and the remaining survivors are given to chaos..There are many deaths in the town, which are blamed on the plague. Knock, who had been committed to a psychiatric ward, escapes after murdering the warden. The townspeople give chase, but he eludes them by climbing a roof, then using a scarecrow.. Meanwhile, Orlok stares from his window at the sleeping Ellen. Against her husband's wishes, Ellen had read the book he found... use... consume maybe 5% of the food available in the human body. With that small amount, the body is usual intact enough to be mobile when it revives..It is worth saving? Is a bite victim worth saving? For all I know, it's the brains that are already dead. It's the idiots that are still alive..What are the choices?..They won't run out of food,that's the problem you see..I need lighter fluid..And they won't run out of food as long as we're still alive..Is this your wife?. What a lovely throat..It will cost you sweat and tears, and perhaps..a little blood..Why did you kill all of those flowers?..

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