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Arrow Din

Originally Posted by dunadan View Post
TPTB really are scum arnt they.

I see that those soldiers who were exposed to radiation (Bikini Island et al) are seeking help and compensation for their years of ill health - and now the ill health of their children too The govt deny it all.

The same with Gulf War syndrome which has been proven to be caused by 'DU'.

We are all completely snookered - what can be done to stop the f!ckers?
Yes we are fooked..we only have to take a look around..Gangstalking to put it mildly..Ah yes GWS that was a sneaky one for sure lets inject thousands of soldiers with vaccines and pretend its for their own benefit..Good God they must really hate us.....
O Yeah real scum, the new tactic now is low flying Aircraft- Helicopters etc etc so there is never any peace and quiet, that's why they built the airports in populated areas so people never get any peace..Constant house alarms going off sirens screeching most of the day and night -the din & pollution from road traffic ..its never fucking ending...its like living in an insane asylum..

I have noticed where I live a massive increase in airport traffic they only have to find out where you live and then proceed to make ones life a misery...

They basically do not like us..After all they are running hollywood and the newspapers...

And Its only a matter of time before one of those aircraft plow into a residential area.. Its happened before and I am sure it will happen again..

View of the accident site in 2008; the Clut(CULT)ha ...The helicopter crashed through the flat roof of the Clutha Vaults at 22:22...

On 4 October 1992, El Al Flight 1862, a Boeing 747 cargo aircraft of the state-owned Israeli airline El Al,crashed into the Groeneveen and Klein-Kruitberg flats in the Bijlmermeer (colloquially "Bijlmer") neighbourhood (part of Amsterdam-Zuidoost) of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. For the location in the Bijlmermeer, the crash is known in Dutch as the Bijlmerramp (Bijlmer disaster). A total of 43 people were killed, including the aircraft's 3 crew members, a non-revenue passenger in a jump seat, and 39 people on the ground...Many more were injured.. This accident remains the deadliest aviation accident to ever occur in the Netherlands....

constant din (A jumble of loud, usually discordant sounds)...I stiil do not understand why we have 10 american airforce bases stationed in the UK-around the kent area ? I asked Ksig Troll Mason But he is unable to answer, no suprise there then..The Zein-o-Din Caravanserai (زين الدين) is located in Zein-o-din, Yazd, Iran..The caravanserai's exterior view appears like a "derelict ruin" though its interior is well furbished in its original form making it an "atmospheric and fascinating" place to stay.

Dīn, an Arabic term meaning "religion" or "way of life"... want you to lose faith.. Lose faith in your country, which they say is the devil.. In your brother marines, who they say aren't coming for you because you have no military value.. In your wife, who they say has got her arms wrapped around someone else..Well tonight is Thursday..I cook dinner for the family on Thursdays. I'm making vegetable lasagna with vegetables I picked this morning from the garden..(sighs) Don't make me talk to him, Saul..I don't ever want to see him again...

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