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Arrow Root of War

The human cost of the summer conflict with Israel was brutal: 2,104 Palestinians were killed and more than 10,000 people were injured in the small territory, and the chronically under-resourced Shifa was stretched to the brink in its response..The most common injuries sustained in the conflict were trauma injuries resulting from shellfire or building collapses, and burns caused by the heat of blasts..More than a month after the ceasefire, hundreds of Palestinians injured in the conflict are still struggling for their lives..One of the most serious cases was that of Abdullah Abu Harbeed, a 24-year-old man, newly married to a young woman called Iman.. Abdullah was injured in an air strike; most of the bones in his left arm were shattered after building debris fell on him.. As he was getting up he fell on unexploded shell fragments.The second blast ripped out half his pelvis, removing a third of his femur - the biggest, thickest bone in the body - and half his hip bone. A huge semicircle of flesh was carved out from his side, and nothing held his left leg to the rest of his body apart from mere inches of flesh..That happened four weeks before the arrival of the British doctors. Confronted with such a complex case, their Palestinian colleagues were stuck...

They say that I am the lord of war, but perhaps it is you..You know who's going to inherit the Earth? Arms dealers.. Because everyone else is too busy killing each other.. That's the secret to survival. Never go to war.. Especially with yourself..They say, "Evil prevails when good men fail to act".. What they ought to say is, "Evil prevails"...The first and most important rule of gun-running is: Never get shot with your own merchandise..I don't want people dead, Agent Valentine.. I don't put a gun to anybody's head and make them shoot.. But shooting is better for business.. But, I prefer people to fire my guns and miss.. Just as long as they are firing..Without operations like mine it would be impossible for certain countries to conduct a respectable war.. I was able to navigate around those inconvenient little arms embargoes..A wound this big is like having a baby... So much blood and energy is diverted trying to heal it; eventually your system wears out, organs fail and you will die..In the end, there was nothing for it but to remove Abdullah's leg entirely from the top.. Because there won't be any stump on which to attach a prosthesis, he will have to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair..

The seasoned surgeons were shocked by the footage of the emergency room of the Shifa Hospital - Gaza's busiest - on 31 July, when more than 200 injured Palestinians were brought through its doors.

They were part of a team of British doctors from London's King's College Hospital who travelled to Gaza to set up a programme for advanced limb reconstruction for victims of war injuries.

But neither Dr Naveen nor Dr Simon had ever been to the Middle East before, let alone a conflict zone.

The previous week, worlds away in the brightly lit and warm yellow of one of King's operating theatres during a routine procedure, a Nelly Furtado song playing on a radio in the background, plastic reconstruction surgeon Dr Naveen considered the trip ahead.

"I'm terrified of leaving behind my wife and two small children. But I want to do something like this. Someone with the skills that I've been trained with, working in a state-of-the-art facility like King's, ought to be able to transfer these to a place that needs it like Gaza."

Dr Simon, who leads King's trauma unit, said that despite his nervousness about going to Gaza, he felt a duty to his colleagues in the hospitals in the Strip..

Gaza City's Shejaiya district was badly affected by the recent conflict, and many residents still choose to live in the ruins rather than in crowded shelters... of the Catholic position implies a certain willingness to see the present injustices of society continue.. Individual salvation implies liberty, which is always extended by Catholic writers to include the right to private property. But in the stage of industrial development which we have now reached,the right to private property means the right to exploit and torture millions of one's fellow creatures...

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