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Arrow Double Agent

Double agentry may be practiced by spies of the target organization who infiltrate the controlling organization, or may result from the turning (switching sides) of previously loyal agents of the controlling organization by the target.. The threat of execution is the most common method of turning a captured agent (working for an intelligence service) into a double agent (working for a foreign intelligence service) or a double agent into a re-doubled agent. It is unlike a defector, who is not considered an agent as agents are in place to function for an intelligence service and defectors are not, but some consider that defectors in place are agents until they have defected..Double agents are often used to transmit disinformation or to identify other agents as part of counter-espionage operations. They are often very trusted by the controlling organization since the target organization will give them true, but useless or even counterproductive, information to pass along....

Sir Samuel Morland, 1st Baronet (1625 – 30 December 1695), or Moreland, was an English academic, diplomat, spy, inventor and mathematician of the 17th century, a polymath credited with early developments in relation to computing, hydraulics and steam power.. As a double agent, Morland began to work towards the Restoration, engaging in espionage and cryptography – activities that later helped him enter the King's service...

Eddie Chapman ("ZigZag") infiltrated the German Abwehr during World War II whilst feeding intelligence to MI5. He was so trusted by the Germans that he is reportedly the only British citizen to have ever been awarded the Iron Cross...

Aldrich Ames, worked for the CIA and worked for the Soviet Union by selling information to the KGB..

Robert Nairac, British Military Intelligence agent who sometimes went undercover in the IRA. Killed in 1977..

April Fool, allegedly an American officer who provided false information to Saddam Hussein...

British Army corporals David Howes and Derek Wood were killed by the Provisional IRA on 19 March 1988 in Belfast, Northern Ireland, in an event which became knowns as the corporals killings..The incident was filmed by television cameras and the images have been described as some of the "most dramatic and harrowing" of the conflict in Northern Ireland..In the more sadistic cases, some killers will take locks of the victim’s hair, or even go so far as to cut off the head or other body parts..Not all killers take trophies. David Berkowitz, the Son of Sam, didn’t take any tokens because his crimes were very impersonal — he was shooting from a distance.. But he did go to the gravesites of the victims. He went there not because he had any remorse, but to symbolically roll in the dirt because, for him, this was an accomplishment.. Again, see, it’s all fantasy..

Captain Robert Laurence Nairac GC (31 August 1948 –15 May 1977) was a British Army officer who was abducted from a pub in Drumintee, south County Armagh during an undercover operation and killed by the Provisional Irish Republican Army (PIRA) on his 4th tour of duty in Northern Ireland as a Military Intelligence Liaison Officer..At around 11.45 p.m., he was abducted following a struggle in the pub's car park and taken across the border left the chao and disordo into the Republic of Ireland to a field in the Ravensdale Woods.. in County Louth. Following a violent interrogation during which Nairac was punched, kicked, pistol-whipped and hit with a wooden post, he was shot dead.. He did not admit to his true identity..The Baghdad Central Prison, formerly known as Abu Ghraib prison (Arabic: سجن أبو غريب‎ Sijn Abū Ghurayb; also Abu Ghuraib, lit. 'Father of Raven', or 'Place of Ravens') was a prison complex in Abu Ghraib, an Iraqi city 32 km (20 mi) west of BaGhDad..It’s surprising how many killers return not just to the gravesite but to the scene of the crime..Assassins are notorious for keeping news clips.. Assassin-type personalities will also keep diaries...In warfare, infiltration tactics involve small, lightly equipped infantry forces attacking enemy rear areas while bypassing enemy front line strongpoints and isolating them for attack by followup
troops with heavier weapons...'t for get your trench coat.. How's anybody gonna recognize you without your disguise?..I was expecting you before this.. Mr. Dragon does not like to be kept waiting...

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