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Deripaska was born in Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, but grew up in Ust-Labinsk, Krasnodar Krai. He graduated with honors in physics from Moscow State University in 1993, and in 1996, he earned an economics degree from the Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics. He was general manager of the Sayanogorsk Smelter (1994–97) and held the post of president of Sibirsky Aluminium Investment Industrial Group (1997–2001), which later became a core of Basic Element...

In an interview with the Haaretz newspaper Michael Cherney (a reputed Russian-Israeli crime figure) states:..

In 1993, at a conference in London, Cherney met a young blue-eyed man. His name was Oleg Deripaska. He had just graduated from the Faculty of Physics at Moscow University and was beginning to deal in metal trade – the son of poor parents from Southern Russia. "Several months later Yafyazov brought Deripaska to Paris, for a meeting with me. He had great ambitions and I liked that,“ Cherney recalls. "He wanted to do big business and told me that his group wanted to buy the Sayansk plant in Siberia on the exchange, but didn't have money for that. I agreed to invest capital and after that we agreed to become equal partners in that project."

According to the Financial Times, in 1994, Oleg Deripaska, then an independent metals trader, won the backing of Michael Cherney and TWG to become general manager of Sayansk aluminium plant in Siberia, which lead to formation of SibAl and a partnership between Cherney and Oleg Deripaska in this company..

The Russian magnate [Deripaska] does not dispute making a $250 million payment to Cherney at the Lanesborough Hotel in London 11 years ago. But he alleges he was paying Cherney off to end a complex krysha arrangement which also included Anton Malevsky, a veteran of the Soviet war in Afghanistan who has been named in court papers as the head of a criminal network..In 2005, he was included in the Sunday Times Rich List with an estimated wealth of £4,375m, but was not listed in 2006; however, according to an August 2006 article in the New York Times, the Russian business newspaper Vedomosti estimated Deripaska's total wealth at US$14 billion, which, if true, would either have made him Russia's richest man or possibly tied for the spot with Roman Abramovich..In 2006, GAZ Group, purchased all the shares of LDV Holdings (producer of light commercial vehicles, the city of Birmingham, Great Britain) from an American fund Sun Capital Partners..In April 2007, Deripaska acquired 25 percent (€1.05 billion) of the Austrian construction company Strabag SE, owned by Hans-Peter Haselsteiner...

Deripaska is the sole owner and Chairman of Supervisory Board of Basic Element, a diversified investment group established in 1997. Basic Element's assets are concentrated in 5 sectors: energy, manufacturing, financial services, agriculture, construction and aviation...Basic Element owns companies and subsidiaries in Russia, the CIS countries, Africa, Australia, Asia, Europe and Latin America. It employs as many as 250,000 people..RUSAL went public in January 2010. Hong Kong regulators were criticized for allowing RUSAL, whose debt was nearly US$15 billion, to list its shares...Deripaska's Rusal company owns the €900m valued Aughinish Alumina plant on the Shannon estuary in Ireland.. The factory is Ireland's largest manufacturing site and the largest alumina plant in Europe...

In 1998, Deripaska established Volnoe Delo, Russia's largest private charity foundation.. The fund supports over 400 initiatives across Russia aimed at developing education and science, preserving spiritual and cultural heritage, and improving standards in public health.. It helps children, old people, talented youths, teachers, eminent scientists and other participants of the programs. For the last se7en years the total budget of more than 400 charitable programs has been increased 17 times to over 8.5 billion rubbles..In February 2014 Deripaska financed the construction of makeshift kennels to house stray dogs that had been abandoned by building workers after completion of work at the Sochi Olympic Village.. Officials had employed a company to eradicate the animals stating the number of strays was in excess of 2,000 and presented a risk of rabies.. Approximately 150 were saved and others were re-homed...

In July 2006, whilst Deripaska was involved in a bid to buy the Daimler Chrysler Group, it was reported that the United States canceled his entry visa; the unnamed official declined to give a reason for the revoking of the visa. The Wall Street Journal reported that it could have been because Deripaska has been accused of having links to organized crime in Russia and cited as their sources two unnamed U.S. law enforcement officials..While Deripaska has been interrogated previously as a witness in Spain and England and by the FBI in cases of money laundering, he has never been charged with any crimes in those probes..On 25 January 2010, the Financial Times published a story "Rusal: A lingering heat" exploring Deripaska's business relations with Sergei Popov and Anton Malevsky, alleged heads of Russian organized crime groups..In November 2011, Spain's High Court sent the criminal cases against Deripaska to the Russian General Prosecutor's office because the root of the cases is Russian...

Deripaska, who is a friend of Nathaniel Rothschild (a major investor in both United Company RUSAL and Glencore), together with Rothschild, hosted George Osborne, the Chancellor of the Exchequer of the United Kingdom and a friend of Rothschild's from school and university, and Peter Mandelson on Deripaska's yacht in Corfu in the summer of 2008..Deripaska is married to Valentin Yumashev's daughter, Polina; the couple has two children..Valentin Yumashev and his wife Tatyana Yumasheva (daughter of the first president of Russia Boris Yeltsin) own half of the tower Imperia Tower in "Moscow International Business Center" and half of the business center of "CITY" (49.58% of shares)..Business space occupies the 3 levels from floor 2 to 31..

Deripaska is one of 16 global business leaders who drafted CEO Climate Policy Recommendations to G8 Leaders, a document outlining international business community's proposals to tackle global warming..Aluminium is a chemical element in the boron group with symbol Al and atomic number 13..Aluminium metal is so chemically reactive that native specimens are rare and limited to extreme reducing environments.. Instead, it is found combined in over 270 different minerals..The chief ore of aluminium is bauxite..Owing to its resistance to corrosion, aluminium is one of the few metals that retain silvery reflectance in finely powdered form, making it an important component of silver-coloured paints..Al was responsible for the melting and differentiation of some asteroids after their formation 4.55 billion years ago..Aluminium is theoretically 100% recyclable without any loss of its natural qualities..Ancient Greeks and Romans used aluminium salts as dyeing mordants and as astringents for dressing wounds; alum is still used as a styptic..Aluminium has controversially been implicated as a factor in Alzheimer's disease..Aluminium is primary among the factors that reduce plant growth on acid soils..The fungus Geotrichum candidum has been found to consume the aluminium in compact discs.. The bacterium Pseudomonas aeruginosa and the fungus Cladosporium resinae are commonly detected in aircraft engines, and can degrade aluminium in cultures...
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