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Arrow Perpetual War
Originally Posted by dunadan View Post
Hi LG,

Many years ago, a friend and I were accused - by orthodox economists - of being 'conspiracy economists', yet our suspicions and theories have become mainstream as TPTB lead us all further in 'happy slavedom'.

Planned obsolesce, £1trillion given to the banks by the UK government etc etc...TPTB use Freemasonry to serve the plan.

I, for, one, am grateful that I dont have to live in a mud hut and drink dirty water from a muddy puddle, whilst scratching out a living by clawing through piles of western waste which has been shipped abroad, yet we are all enslaved to a lesser or greater extent.

Freemasonry and other esoteric orders play a big part in such an enslavement, hearts and minds old boy, hearts and minds!

How many more must die at the hands of fundamentalists (by fundamentalists I mean all religious persuasions, remember that Bush called it a holy war, a Templar war too)?

We all know how much money Bush and his student/understudy Blair has made from the Middle East and so the war-machine keeps turning! Then there was the theft - by US Special Forces - of key 'esoteric artifacts' in Gulf War I (Sumerian 'stargate' tablets et al.) during the so called 'looting' of various museums (similar in Egypt too).

Warpigs all over again!..

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